I recently recieved a comment from a reader regarding a post I wrote awhile back concerning ingredients in Aveda Makeup. In this post, I mentioned that Aveda shows great concern for the environment according to the website however they continue to put dangerous chemicals in their products. This reader pointed out that Aveda continues to improve upon their product line based on new and evolving research and has eliminated or reformulated many of their products without parabens and other chemical preservatives. I agree.

There are a growing number of skin care companies jumping on the band wagon along with Aveda. Many companies are giving up mass production and huge profits to create products that contain natural, unaltered, harmful ingredients often using essential oils as preservatives. Still others are making great strides in reducing synthetics to minute amounts.

Natural skin care companies using truly natural ingredients are gaining in popularity with new research proving the negative effects of chemicals in our bodies, in our waters, and in our children.

When I began my research on natural skin products, I was shocked at how many were available on the Internet. Many we have never heard of while others were in the past only available in top spas and salons. These companies do not waste money on television advertising or magazine advertising. They are spending their money and resources on bringing the consumer fresh, natural, effective skin care and makeup. We are demanding it.

I say “kudos” to the skin care companies that are listening to research and listening to the consumer and making their products better for the world. “Kudos” to Aveda. We’ve come along way in a year.