Kozzi-apples-being-weighed-588 X 883What is the best anti-aging treatment on the planet? Food. Of course. How can we not know this now after watching episodes of the Biggest Loser. Yes, these people lose weight, stop taking their meds, and that’s important. In addition, has anyone really noticed how their skin looks? How beautiful they have become on the outside? These people have amazing skin! They have a radiant glow!

I just finished reading the book “Dr. Denese’s Secrets For Ageless Skin” by Adrienne Denese, M.D, another physician who believes that the health of your skin begins on the inside. There are many, many books on the market about reducing wrinkles and even preventing them, and almost every one of them is sending the same message. Diet plays a huge role in maintaining younger looking skin. It is the best natural anti aging treatment in existence. How could so many professionals be wrong?

I for one, agree with the diet role, as I am just shy of 50 and told the other day while I was in line for the bathroom at Riverfest, that I look like I am in my 30’s! I wear no makeup, even though if I did, I would only wear natural mineral makeup, I see a personal trainer, and I eat a healthy diet. When I look back at pics from my thirties, I look older than I do now! Shocking but many of my readers would probably say the same about themselves 10 or even 20 years later. When you change your diet, exercise and remain diligent about what you put on your skin, you will see dramatic results.

The fact is most traditional skin care products give you traditional results which are well, traditionally minimal. While advances in topical skin care can now help to reverse and prevent aging skin, accepting that there are far more steps involved in addition to slapping on the anti aging cream, is the only way to truly change your look.

Anti Aging Through Diet

Our bodies are aging, therefore our skin is aging. Dr. Denese’s book explains the ways in which we age, why it happens, and how we can slow down the aging process of our entire bodies through diet, exercise and vitamins.

Eating protein, unrefined carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, and getting enough essential fatty acids at each meal is essential in this battle. NO carbs in the morning, and NO carbs 3 hours before bed. In the morning your goal is to keep insulin asleep and the way to do that is to start your morning with a breakfast of protein and no carbohydrates. As long as your insulin hormone is dormant, glucagon kicks into gear, breaks down fat, suppresses your appetite, keeps your blood pressure down and keep cholesterol levels low.

Maintaining this diet, will not only help with maintaining your weight and health but will also aid in enhancing your complexion and keeping the years from showing. Premature aging can be avoided through the food choices that you make.

Vitamins For Healthy Skin & Body

In addition to diet, you can suppress aging with the addition of supplements. We all know that vitamins C, E and even the B’s are great antioxidants and can improve our overall health, but what about these other vitamins that Dr Denese recommends?

*Get your fiber. Fiber detoxifies the bowels and facilitates regular bowel movements. It is almost impossible to get the fiber you need through diet, so you should supplement with Metamucil or Citrucel each and every morning.

*Essential fatty acids are the most important anti aging supplement. It is important to fight weight gain, high insulin levels, hunger, tiredness, poor concentration, and skin aging. Fortifying your diet with fish oil can improve your skin quality making it more supple and can combat dry, frail, thinning skin.

*Carnosine is another powerful anti aging supplement. New research indicates that carnosine is effective against nearly all of the chemical processes that destroy protein and make us age. Unfortunately the level of carnosine in our bodies declines as we age.

*Take CoQ10 for increased energy.

*Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the key antioxidants to supplement because it boosts glutathione which has been shown to be essential to slowing down cellular aging.

And my favorite supplement for radiant skin:

*Hyaluronic acid maintains and regulates moisture in our cells, transport nutrients into the cells and removes metabolic waste.

Getting rid of these toxins helps to eliminate the buildup of lipofuscin pigment which causes age spots.

Get your eating habits in order, take your vitamins and radiant skin is sure to follow.

photo credit: © Phil Date | Dreamstime.com