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Is This Natural Skin Toner Key To Glowing Skin

What is the purpose of a skin toner and do I really need one? Facial skin toners are used to restore your skins ph balance to normal levels. While your skin cleanser may cut through all the dirt and grime, it can also leave your skin stripped of moisture and a good toner will immediately restore your skins ph balance.

Skin needs water and for it to remain healthy, you must find effective ways to keep water in those skin cells. Skin toners can help. A natural skin toner is even better. Along with the following benefits, it is effective without parabens and other preservatives.

Skin toners can

  • remove dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells
  • tighten pores
  • tighten skin
  • brighten the complexion

Dr. Sears has managed to put both CoQ10 and hyaluronic acid or HA into a natural skin toner called CoQ-Tone that you apply directly to your face daily. CoQ10 helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and future skin damage. HA replaces and retains water, essential for restoring tight elastic skin. And most important for many, it is said to bring back glowing skin.

Unlike other toners, CoQ-Tone won’t dry your skin. It never feels greasy or oily, and it’s safe enough to use on very sensitive skin.

Every morning, you’ll notice:

  • Better, brighter complexion
  • The appearance of more even color and better tone
  • No irritation or burning
  • Soothing, moisturizing quality with a smooth surface feel
  • Reduction in the appearance of blemishes
  • Smaller, tighter pores
  • Tight, elastic skin

Free of: Parabens, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, and Artificial Fragrances. Learn more about this breakthrough natural skin toner.

Anti Aging Skin Products-3 New Effective Treatments

There are hundreds of anti aging skin products popping up everywhere making it very difficult to know which are the most effective. There are those that claim to eliminate wrinkles and age spots, some that claim to firm skin, and those that will make you look ten years younger. Do they really work?

Some do, most don’t.  One thing I do know from doing extensive research, is that many of the ingredients found in the most popular anti aging skin products are actually harmful both inside and out. Are you using a healthy skin care routine with only natural anti aging products? If not, you may be adding ten years to your looks.

Fragrance, parabens, propylene glycol, artificial dyes, formaldehyde-based preservatives, mineral oil, TEA and DEA, all ingredients found in thousands of skin care and beauty products are known skin irritants. They may irritate and dry your skin or in many cases cause skin reactions sometimes immediately and sometimes only after long term use. So where do you turn for a truly effective anti aging skin treatment?

Your best bet is to turn to wholesome, natural skin care companies that make products with the purest ingredients, proven to be effective in reversing the signs of aging. Here are some new, natural, innovative and effective products coming to the market today…. (more…)

Aveda Makeup And Skin Care Just Gets Better

I recently recieved a comment from a reader regarding a post I wrote awhile back concerning ingredients in Aveda Makeup. In this post, I mentioned that Aveda shows great concern for the environment according to the website however they continue to put dangerous chemicals in their products. This reader pointed out that Aveda continues to improve upon their product line based on new and evolving research and has eliminated or reformulated many of their products without parabens and other chemical preservatives. I agree.

There are a growing number of skin care companies jumping on the band wagon along with Aveda. Many companies are giving up mass production and huge profits to create products that contain natural, unaltered, harmful ingredients often using essential oils as preservatives. Still others are making great strides in reducing synthetics to minute amounts.

Natural skin care companies using truly natural ingredients are gaining in popularity with new research proving the negative effects of chemicals in our bodies, in our waters, and in our children.

When I began my research on natural skin products, I was shocked at how many were available on the Internet. Many we have never heard of while others were in the past only available in top spas and salons. These companies do not waste money on television advertising or magazine advertising. They are spending their money and resources on bringing the consumer fresh, natural, effective skin care and makeup. We are demanding it.

I say “kudos” to the skin care companies that are listening to research and listening to the consumer and making their products better for the world. “Kudos” to Aveda. We’ve come along way in a year.

Paraben Free Products

What are parabens and why are more and more skin care companies introducing paraben free products? Used as a preservative in thousands of personal care products, the parabens…Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, and Benzylparaban have recently been identified in breast tumors. For years, however, scientists have been reporting estrogen like activities in mice and in human breast cancer cells.

Are we overreacting? Maybe, but with more and more natural skin products popping up without these parabens, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And if you think parabens are the only ingredient in our cosmetics, skin care, and body products, that have negative health effects, think again. According to a published study in 2005, scientists found a connection between phthalates found in fragrance and adverse effects on the male reproductive system. In addition, the personal care products that we use daily are being washed into our rivers and streams throwing wildlife in disarray.

There are literally hundreds of paraben free products on the market today from cosmetics to skin care to shampoo and deodorant. You can find most of these products on line through natural skin care companies or in your local natural food store.


New Natural Skin Firming Treatments For Women over 50

One of the biggest complaints I hear from women over 50 is the sagging of facial skin. There are a number of factors that cause your skin to sag from loss of collagen production and thinning of the skin to a fairly new theory of facial bone loss that happens as we age. There are many skin creams on the market today that claim to tighten and firm skin however many of the over the counter skin firming treatments also contain ingredients that have been shown to dry out skin, cause inflammation, adult acne and even worse, cancer.

So what are your best options to firm facial skin while keeping your skin healthy? A natural skin cream of  course! Here are some worth noting that contain skin firming ingredients without the addition of harmful chemicals such as parabens, fragrance and sodium laureth sulfate which actually cause skin damage.

Malie Organics Anti-Aging Firming Elasticity Cream

Using the ripe fruit of the coffee plant for its powerful antioxidants, this natural skin cream prevents cell damage, neutralizes inflammation, increases firmness and reduces lines, wrinkles and age spots.

A Korres best seller, Quercetin & Oak Age Reversing Night Cream claims more elastic skin after the first application. Regenerative Oak Extract plumps skin as well as boosts collagen and elastin production. The quercetin active improves skin cell function, a Myrtle active extract increases skin density, protects collagen and boosts skin elasticity.

Aubrey Organics Lumessence Lift Firming Renewal Cream with COQ10 liposomes and Algae Extract gradually tightens the skin and strengthens connective tissue. Oat Protein has shown to reduce deep wrinkles by 57%.

Dr. Lark has introduced Trilane, an anti-aging moisturizer with Squaline that customers love now with even more benefits. They have added jojoba esters, an all natural botanical extract studied and shown to visibly firm and lift skin. Along with firmer skin, the Squaline from olives smooths skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

and finally, Mushroom & Peptide Antioxidant Concentrate from 100 Percent Pure, is packed with anti aging ingredients for healthy, firmer,  younger looking skin. Acai Berry Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Red Wine Resveratol, Reishi Mushroom Powder, Goji Berry Extract,Vitamin E and Vitamin C are some of the main ingredients. All natural and 100% pure. Amazing!

75 Natural Skin Care Companies

Organic Spa Magazine released their new Skin-Care Directory in the July issue. What a great resource! The guide has doubled in size since last year, proving that the interest in natural skincare products continues to rise. While I can’t possibly list the 350 plus natural skin care brands or the websites, I can list 75 natural skin care companies the magazine has highlighted that have achieved top of the line natural and organic certification. Need more information? You can now download the free itunes app Organic Spa Magazine Skin Care Guide.

There is no reason to continue to use chemical laden skin care products when there are so many wonderful natural skincare companies easily accessible on the web. From natural skin cream to natural body products to natural baby products and even natural skin products for men…it’s out there!

All Things Pure By
Aromafloria Natural
Beauty Garden By
Bubble & Bee
Burt’s Bees
Dr. Bronner’
Dr. Hauschka Skin
Frontier Naturals/Aura
Glimpse Intuitive Skin
Good For You
Green Beaver
Hemp Oil
H. Gillerman
Hollybeth’s Natural
Huiles &
Ilike Organic Skin
Inara Organic Body
Indian Meadow
John Masters
Kigelia Cosmetics
Kimberly Parry
Materia Herba By
Lafe’s Natural
Motherlove Herbal
Nature’s Baby
Naturopathica Holistic
Noli N’
Organic Indulgence By Royal
Organoderm Skin
Pure By
Prima Fleur
Red Tea Natural Skin
Sacred Earth
Seaflora Wild Organic Seaweed
Spa De

Frownies Reviews-They Really Do Work!

Ahhhh, good old Frownies. They have been around since the 1800’s, used secretly by the entertainment industry and Hollywood actresses throughout the 50’s and 60’s, and now extremely popular among those of us trying like hell to get rid of that deep ugly line between our brows.

Do Frownies really work?You betcha! Just take a look at some of the Frownies reviews found all over the Internet.

“I wanted to write a review because I have been using Frownies for over 8 months now and I am so impressed with them, as well as their other new products! I was really skeptical before I started using them -after all, there are SO many products out there claiming to help reduce wrinkles. But the cost was so reasonable that I finally gave them a try and I am so glad that I did. I had a really deep crease between my eyebrows and also had wrinkles at the corners of my eyes from smiling. I noticed a difference the first time I used them…..”

“I have been using Frownies for about a year now with outstanding results. I used to have noticeable frown lines on my forehead and some wrinkles around my eyes. Since using this product, these lines have all but gone away, and when they do start to resurface, I make sure I use my Frownies that night and they smooth back out….”

So how do Frownies work?

Frownies are applied at night to deep wrinkles between brows, laugh lines around the mouth, and crows feet around the eyes. Made with all natural ingredients, Frownies are said to educate the underlying muscles to resume the natural, relaxed appearance we all crave.

Most users see immediate improvement overnight and with continued use, results last longer periods of time.

What’s in those Frownies anyway?

Frownies Facial Pads reshape the muscle using nothing toxic. Only unbleached Kraft paper,vegetable starch adhesive, and Rose Water Toner Hydrator.


Smooth deep wrinkles and fine lines overnight.

Dramatically reduce expression lines.

Easy to apply.

Frownies are inexpensive.

No chemical ingredients to irritate and damage your skin.

No botox!


Paper may be irritating to those with sensitive skin.

They do not adhere properly between the brows.

Sometimes difficult to remove (use water!)

Results are temporary (although with continued use, wrinkles will take longer to reappear and do not get worse).

Boyfriends definately will not find them attractive.

Frownies have been around for centuries for good reason. Today, the company continues to add products to their line that contain the newest technology in the battle against wrinkles including Frownies Immune Shield Vitamin E Serum and Under Eye Gel Patches.

I say to hell with Botox and the paralyzing effects on your face! Try Frownies. At most, your deep wrinkles and expression lines will gradually disappear. At the very least, you can eliminate those lines temporarily for an important event or special night on the town.

Don’t forget…frownies are only a temporary solution for those annoying wrinkles. Once you stop using them, your wrinkles will be back in full force. To help repair wrinkles, only skin care products with effective ingredients may help and to prevent more wrinkles, stay out of the sun or use sunblock on your face.