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When buying a sea salt scrub, look for products which contain salt from the Dead Sea. This salt has the highest mineral content of any salt on the market. This higher mineral content, along with the composition of the other minerals, allow for a therapeutic way for people to naturally take care of their body.

The mineral content is as follows:

1. Magnesium Chloride (about 30%) – Provides the skin with an anti-allergic property, as well as helping skin tissues.
2. Potassium Chloride (about 25%) – Helps maintain a neutral moisture content in the skin.
3. Sodium Chloride (about 3%) – Also helps to maintain a neutral moisture content in the skin, as well as relieve and prevent cramps.
4. Calcium Chloride (about .5%) – Helps promote corrective tissue development beneath the skin.
5. Bromide (about .6%) – Helps to relax the muscles in the body.
6. Sulfates (about .1%) – A natural disinfectant.
7. Crystallized water (about 35%) – Just water.

This content combination make the Dead Sea salt the ideal ingredient for skin care products. You should also be sure the salts are not washed from the Dead Sea. Once you wash them, all of the original mineral compositions are gone. You now basically have just regular table salt. A good method of determining the purity of the salt is the color. If it has been washed, or even bleached, it is a bright white. If nothing has been done to the Dead Sea salt, it will be an off white color.

If you are buying a sea salt scrub, or any skin care products, you should buy one which has Dead Sea salts in it. This natural mineral is a therapeutic pay to help cleanse and maintain your skin. The combination of minerals help allow for a natural treatment of your skin.

Written by Michael Baker.

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