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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

Face it, if you have chronic dry skin on your face, there are several potential culprits. One, you are not eating right and may have a vitamin A deficiency. Two, you are using chemical laden skin care products that are actually drying out your skin. Three, you are not using anything other than soap to cleanse your skin. I hear people complaining all the time about their terribly dry, dull, wrinkled skin and when I ask what they are using, many have this to say…“Oh, I don’t waste my money on a face moisturizer, I use soap!” Bahahhah!

Soap? That’s obviously not working for them. You don’t want to spend alot of money taking care of your skin; I get that, and you don’t have to. There are many inexpensive natural moisturizers on the market today that can get rid of dry skin without applying chemicals that can make it worse. There are also inexpensive home remedies for dry skin that date back hundreds of years.  Here are just a few from “The Living Beauty Detox Program” by Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S., C.N.S.

  • To give your dry skin a healthy glow, mix two parts rosewater to one part glycerin and apply a few drops all over your face after cleansing your skin.
  • Give yourself an old fashioned mayonnaise facial by massaging it into your dry skin for 15 minutes.
  • Make a mask of dry oatmeal and a whipped whole egg. Massage on your face and let it stand for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm, than cool, water.
  • Beat together 1 egg, 1 tblsp. milk, and 1 tsp. honey. Apply to face and let harden. Remove with warm water, followed by cold water.
  • Blend 2 drops of sandalwood oil and 1 drop of frankincense oil and 2 tsp. of honey. Apply mask to clean skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. This mask can be used once a week and is great for mature skin.
  • Add a couple drops of neroli, lavender, or jasmine to your moisturizer or anti aging cream to soften dry skin.

You don’t have to spend money on expensive moisturizers for dry skin when there are many natural alternatives to try home.

Try this natural Hydrating Mask to get rid of dry skin.

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End Dry Flaky Skin Overnight

While some of us suffer from dry flaky skin only in the winter, others suffer constantly no matter what time of year. If you are experiencing itching, sometimes intense, causing you to lose sleep, flaking, scaling, and peeling skin, or cracks and redness, you definitely have problematic dry skin.

What if I told you that there is a product that can get rid of dry skin ending dry, flaky skin overnight? One that will leave your skin smooth, soft and supple? One that does not contain lanolin, cortisone, preservatives, tar or antibiotics? One that can be used to eliminate dry skin on your face also? Redness, irritation? You say, “I have tried everything!” I say, “no, you haven’t.”

Skin-E-Dip is a medicated skin care cream that will  get rid of dry skin and give it the healthy appearance you crave. Skin-E-Dip will dramatically relieve itching, irritation, redness, inflammation, stinging, burning, scaling, and dry, flaky skin.

Skin-E-Dip has been helping consumers end dry skin on the internet for over ten years. Their testimonials, test trials, and history shows it is proven to enhance the healing of skin issues due to eczema, psoriasis, rashes, rosacea, and extremely skin dry skin.

Skin-E-Care (B2)
“Thanks so much for your WONDERFUL product.. My dry face has never felt better! This is my second order and I assure you it will not be the last. Thanks again!”

“You have my permission to tell the world how much I love your product!! Until I used your product the skin on my face was so dry and red, that I was embarrassed to have anyone see me. I started using your product and had immediate healing. I use the product on the back of my hands also, with very good results. I love your product!!!!!!! Thanks a million.

“7 years with eczema – This is the best product I have tried for this condition and it truly works the way it says it does. I do not have eczema anymore.”

“Dry, itchy skin on legs – Dr.’s prescription didn’t work. – Skin itch disappeared completely! I am very pleased as my itchy leg was driving me crazy!”

“2 years with dry skin on arms – The best cream for my arms after 3 treatments my arms are 100% better. I would recommend this ointment for any skin disorder”

Skin-e-Dip comes in 4 different sizes: a 1 oz for $16.00, a 4 oz for $24.00, two 2 oz for $28.00 and an 8 oz for $42.00. This is good stuff people! Stop buying the cheap stuff loaded with alcohol and chemicals. Get rid of dry skin once and for all. It’s guaranteed to end your dry, flaky skin problems or your money back! No kidding.

Treat Eczema And Dry Itchy Skin in 4 Simple Steps

Dry, itchy skin can consume your life, especially if you are prone to Eczema. It’s difficult to wear certain clothes, causes rashes and sores and most annoying to me, makes it difficult to sleep. While someone with severe eczema may have to resort to a doctor or a prescription, there are simple ways that treat eczema and mimimize dry, itchy skin. This article provided by Ageless Beauty and, featuring the best in natural beauty secrets and anti-aging solutions, offers 4 simple steps to help you manage dry skin. I agree with the author when she insists on using a natural treatment exclusively. Natural works!  Get amazingly fast relief from ECZEMA, PSORIASIS and DRY SKIN. 100% Guaranteed or your money back…

Manage Dry and Itchy Skin in 4 Simple Steps

August 9, 2011 by Kamila Fiore ARNP

Eczema is an itchy, inflamed skin condition that affects more than 15 million Americans. Unfortunately, the cause of eczema is still unknown, but factors like the environment, genetics, allergies, stress, and skin sensitivities can trigger the condition.

What does eczema look and feel like? Eczema sufferers struggle with dry, cracking, and itchy skin. They also commonly have rashes on the arms, legs, and cheeks, as well as red bumps on the skin. What’s even worse is that eczema flares up in colder weather when there’s less humidity in the air, causing the skin to naturally become drier and more irritated. (more…)

Dry Skin Cream Truth

Here is another reason for me to hate winter. My skin gets incredibly dry…so dry that I itch all over and have difficulty sleeping at night. So you would think being a natural skin care advocate, the first thing I would try is a natural dry skin cream and drink lots of water. I hate water! I have to force myself to drink it in the summer to stay hydrated and in the winter, forget about it. Out of desperation so I could get a good nights sleep, I resorted to trying several skin creams from my local pharmacy store. Big mistake.

Long story short, after about a month, I started getting red, itchy bumps all over my thighs and on the side of my knees. They were so itchy that I thought I would go out of my mind. I need my sleep! The dry skin creams that I purchased were loaded with chemicals and made my skin increasingly drier. How do companies get away with this?

Those dry skin creams that advertise “smooth as silk” according to Deborah Burnes, author of Look Great Live Green, “leads the consumer on a bottle-by-bottle search for the perfect moisturizing miracle. It is this very search that has driven both the increase in sales of body moisturizers and the increase in dry skin.”

Going through it myself, I have no doubt. Just look at the ingredients list on most dry skin lotions and you will see petroleum based ingredients, alcohol, fragrance and other chemicals such as dimethicone or any other “cone” for that matter. These ingredients may make your skin feel better initially but they cause more damage to your already dry skin.

Trust me on this, you won’t regret it. Switch to a natural body lotion without chemicals and see an instant transformation in your skin. Look for natural dry skin lotions that have shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil and vitamins A, E, and C. Choose a natural skin cream with the least amount of chemicals, like I did. It may take a few extra days by ordering online, but so worth the wait. Here are some that are worth a try:

Skin Original

Slice of Nature© Rare Organic East African Nilotica Shea Butter

Native Remedies ClearSkin E-Cream

New Psoriasis Treatment-Under Your Nose All Along?

Many of us are constantly searching for the next new psoriasis treatment when relief may have been right there under our noses all along. Unfortunately, the best natural skin care products are not advertised. They are not endorsed by famous people or models on television commercials. They don’t have fancy, expensive packaging. And they work.

Of the more than six million people who suffer from psoriasis, many are seeking a new psoriasis treatment and many are turning to alternatives. We know that psoriasis can be very painful and we know that there really is no cure. Most people will eventually find a way to manage the worst of the disease, whether it be from the help of a doctor or with entirely non-prescription treatments.

Psoriasis is a chronic condition marked by inflamed areas of skin that become scaly. While normal skin cells are naturally sloughed from the body in just under a month, those with psoriasis do not shed these cells normally and instead, form thick scales that can build up almost anywhere on the body. For some people the problem is primarily aesthetic, but for others there is inflammation, itching or even severe and disabling pain.

Most lotions that you find in your local store are not powerful enough to treat psoriasis, while still others contain oils that do not allow the skin to breathe and may actually cause blemishes on the skin that you are trying to treat.

You should not use a moisturizer with fragrance, color or other unnecessary ingredients. These can irritate the skin and can even lead to infections if you scratch to the point of breaking the skin.

Skin-E-Dip medicated ointment, is an alternative to prescription treatments. While Skin-E-Dip is not a new psoriasis treatment, most will never have the good fortune of hearing about it. It is all-natural, safe for anyone and can be used in conjunction with any other treatment that you may be trying. Skin-E-Dip was created specifically as a powerful dry skin treatment, however many customers wrote in to tell about their results in treating psoriasis. It’s not just for psoriasis sufferers….anyone with dry, itchy skin will benefit. Here are some Skin-E-Dip reviews and testimonials.

Skin-E-Dip does NOT contain Lanolin,Cortisone, Preservatives, Tar, Steroids or Antibiotics that can be harmful or cause allergic reactions.

What Skin-E-Dip can do for your chronic skin problems:

  • Eases itching immediately upon application and provides immediate comfort.
  • Soothes Scaly Dry and Cracked Skin
  • Moisturizes dry scaly skin leaving skin with a vibrant, healthy appearance.
  • Flaking, scaling and cracked skin is virtually eliminated with ongoing use of Skin-E-Dip. Skin becomes smooth and supple, regaining elasticity.
  • Reduces Redness and Inflammation Amazingly effective in reducing redness and inflammation common in eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, rashes and chronic dry skin.

So while this is not a new psoriasis treatment, (customers have been purchasing online for over 10 years) it is certainly one that deserves recognition for giving relief to countless eczema, psoriasis and dry skin sufferers.

Oh yea, and it will leave your skin smooth, soft and supple with a vibrant, healthy appearance that is 100% guaranteed to produce results or your money back. End your pain and suffering and try this not so new psoriasis treatment.

Individual results will vary depending upon the condition of your skin at the time of initial use. In the testimonials received by patients with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, rashes and chronic dry skin noticed improvement in redness, inflammation, scaling and dryness as early as 24 hours and continued improvement over three weeks of use.

Natural Skin Care For Winter

dreamstimefree_1717838The cold and blustery winter months are coming upon us and for many that means problems with their skin. Whether you suffer from dry skin all the time, or your skin becomes chapped from being outdoors in the wind or from forced indoor heating, or any other number of skin issues, I’m sure you wished there was a cure for what ails you.

Did you know there are actually many ways that you can care for your skin, naturally without having to purchase anything from your local drug or department store?  That’s right, you have the ability to do your own skin care regimen at home for pennies, because most likely you already have everything that you need right in your own home.

Some ways that you can care for your winter skin naturally include:

Exfoliating: Especially if you have dry skin, exfoliating that old, dead skin can help allow moisture which you need to get into your pores once you have ridden them of those dead, flaky skin cells.  To exfoliate you will need a physical agent like ground walnuts or apricot hulls, or an enzyme, which basically eats dead skin cells.  There are even foods that are rich in enzymes which you can use to create your own at home mask to use in the process of exfoliation.  These foods include pineapple and papaya. Milk also has fatty acids that mildly exfoliate. This is why the traditional milk bath has been so popular. (more…)

Do you suffer from very dry skin? Here are some easy remedies for relief!

Loving the skin you’re in can be difficult when that skin is very dry skin. For one thing, it’s likely that you live with the never ending irritation of itchy skin. Scratching only serves to produce even more irritation to the skin cells and you run the risk of getting skin infections. Sometimes the cause of very dry skin conditions is simply genetic. Fair skinned and thin skinned people often suffer from overly dry skin, especially as the age. All older people tend to lose the natural oils which teens usually have in abundance. While you no longer get zits, now you’ve traded one problem for another. This lack of natural oils is what leads to wrinkles! So, what to do? Here are several easy and economical ways to beat the very dry skin syndrome.

During winter when the heat is up, the air in your home becomes very dry. Summer is no better, as air conditioning also decreases the humidity. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of humidifiers to raise the amount of moisture in the air. Skin-E-Care (B3)

Another simple remedy that works well for very dry skin on the face is to fill your sink basin with some very hot water. Toss in a few dried rose petals and a handful of dried lavender. Put a towel over your heat and give yourself a moisturizing facial. While the flowers don’t relieve the dryness, the steam does. The lavender will tend to leave you feeling relaxed as well.

If you’re a fan of very hot baths and showers, you might want to turn the temperature down and make those shorter events. It’s a fact that hot water in direct contact with your skin is a recipe for very dry skin. Never rub your skin with the towel. Just pat your skin dry and then immediately apply some jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is an extremely effective moisturizer and does not cost any more than a good bottle of lotion. Avocado oil is a bit lighter and has a high content of vitamin E, which is nurturing to your very dry skin. Both can be purchased in bulk at herb shops.

Speaking of lotions, always read the ingredients labels before you buy. Many contain cetyl-alcohol as a major ingredient. Cetyl-alcohol – in fact, any form of alcohol – is very drying to the skin and is best avoided. This also goes for cosmetics. Check that label!

When you’re in the bath, try dissolving a few heaping tablespoons of cornstarch in the tub. This simple remedy will take the itch right out of your very dry skin. A cup of baking soda, added to the tub is another old time remedy to relieve itchy dry skin.

Bath oils can help relieve dry skin conditions. Just be sure to put adhesive non-slip strips in the bottom of the tub, to avoid falling on the slippery surface bath oils produce.

Always wear gloves when doing housework. Most household cleaning products contain chemicals that, while cleaning up the tub or kitchen, will also dry your hands out terribly.

Diet is also important. Vitamins A, C, E and zinc are important to healthy skin, so be sure to load up on those fruits and veggies! Ask your doctor about taking supplements of these vitamins.

All of these remedies will help your very dry skin into a new, more supple state!