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Grow Hair Longer With Monat Hair Products

grow hair longerMy quest to grow hair longer started when I was in junior high school and I gave up that quest in my twenties mainly because, well, my hair did not grow! My hair has always been fine, flat and non growing (if that is even a word). I learned to live with it. Keeping it short worked somewhat—at least when it was short, I could curl it so that it looked like I had some hair on my head. I know some of you reading this are feeling my pain.

I grew up in the eighties so long hair was very much in. I was grateful for Farrah Fawcett wings even if they only stayed put for a few hours. Fast forward to today and once again long, straight hair is in. For years I had to listen to my daughter whine about her hair and “why oh why did I get my mother’s hair!” For years I had to follow along on her quest to grow longer hair.

I certainly did not want to discourage her and tell her that the experts say the average person grows only about six inches of hair a year and how long a growth cycle lasts is genetically determined. What? Six inches a year? There was a time I would have believed that, now not so much.

My daughter is not and will not be the only teenager to make long hair a hobby and it certainly is not just teens making a living here. Hair extensions (which gave her bald spots btw), castor oil, horse tail shampoo, vitamins, stimulating shampoos, natural concoctions made with coconut oil and cayenne pepper, dry shampoos, poo-free, give your scalp a break blah, blah (can you say grease bomb?) and lastly Monistat for hair growth. Not sure about you, but I never want to be reminded of yeast infections every morning at the start of my day.

These concoctions are suppose to stimulate hair growth and grow hair longer and maybe they do. But in between using the next miracle hair growth treatment, what are you putting in your hair? Chemical laden shampoos and conditioners that we now know can destroy hair and clog follicles, not to mention cause cancer.

The best thing you can do for your hair health is to buck up and pay a bit more for natural or natural based hair care. (Insert moan here). After all, you probably spend just as much every month for cheap products over and over again looking for something that works, or if like some people I know, use 6 different products every day and spend 2 hours styling it. Who has that kind of time? or money to waste?

One thing I know for sure….I will do everything I can to eliminate hair loss (I can’t afford to lose what I have), and what woman does not want hair full of body? You know the kind, where you shake your head and feel your hair actually moving. No Tresemme hairspray involved!

How do you grow hair longer and thicker?

1. Good nutrition and supplements. You can’t have great hair and skin eating a poor diet. If you don’t know this, you’ve been living under a rock for a few years. I use biotin for hair, skin and nails.
2. Use natural based hair care products that do not contain chemicals that strip hair color and clog follicles.monat rejuveniqe oil intensive
3. Use a natural based conditioner on the ends of your hair, and then wash. For thick hair, condition again.
4. Use a natural hair oil to condition the scalp a and promote hair growth and strength. Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive conditions the scalp and promotes natural hair growth. It smooths the hair cuticle, decreases frizz, and adds shine. In fact the main ingredient, Abyssinian Oil beat my favorite…Argan Oil in an independent clincal trial conducted by TRI Princeton.
5. Use a mask once a week. Whether you notice signs of dryness and damage or not, many factors negatively affect your hair’s health every day. Stress, diet, changes in weather, airplane travel, air-conditioning, styling products, medications, and hormonal fluctuations can all rob your hair of precious moisture and nutrients. A weekly mask is one of your best defenses against these subtle attacks on your hair.

The best advice for long, healthy hair: Go as natural as possible, maintain a clean diet, and exercise. Healthy inside = healthy outside.

Natural Hair Care Recipes For Shiny, Smooth Hair

natural hair care recipes

The Best Natural Hair Masks For Splits Ends And Frizzy Hair


Split ends and frizzy hair is one of the most common problems that women face today especially during the summer time because of the humidity. And summer is just around the corner! However, there are natural effective ways to fight frizz and dryness with natural hair care recipes. Homemade hair care is becoming very popular and for good reason.

Shampooing your hair too much or blow drying it a lot makes your hair lose its natural oils. Also a lack of minerals and vitamins in your diet can adversely affect the health of your hair. Treating your hair badly is when you put your hair up while it is still wet, wearing your hair up most of the time and pulling or tugging on the hair. Treating your hair badly is also not letting your hair relax, using a lot of chemical products on your hair, combing or brushing your hair while it is still wet or drying your hair with a towel that is so hard it makes your hair tired and unhealthy. So what is the solution?

First of all please stay away from all chemical products telling you it’s what you need to get rid of frizz or dryness in your hair. These products cover your hair with foam for few hours giving it the illusion of looking good for a while but it will go back to what it was and be even worse. Here are some natural hair remedies from The Beauty Of Food ebook that can help:

  • Massage your scalp with sesame oil and then wrap it with a cloth before going to sleep. Wash your hair in the morning with a herb shampoo and then rinse with about 20 spoons of vinegar added to a liter of warm, not hot water.
  • Bananas and sesame oil: Combine one banana with one spoon of sesame oil, one spoon of honey and mix them all together. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it for at least half an hour. Now finish this procedure by washing your hair in warm not cold water.
  • Mix some hair conditioner with a spoon of olive oil and a spoon of plain yogurt and then apply it to your hair before taking a shower. Wait half an hour before washing the mask off and you will notice the difference.
  • Add the yolk of one egg to one spoon of plain non-fat yogurt, a spoon of mayonnaise, a spoon of olive oil and last a spoon of honey. Mix it all together then apply this to your hair and leave for at least 2 hours. After waiting the two hours you can then rinse it off.
  • Apply 2-4 egg whites, depending on the hair length and thickness by using a brush and working it to the ends of your hair. Apply what’s left over to the rest of your hair and massage your scalp. Leave this on your hair for about half an hour. Now you can put your hair up and cover it with a plastic bag. Keep your hair like this for an hour and then take off the plastic bag. Let your hair down until the egg white dries. This may take another hour depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Then you can wash your hair with warm water and feel free to use shampoo and conditioner.

Hair Care Recipes For Preventing Hair Loss

  • Mix 2 egg yolks with some olive oil and then put it on your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic bag and place a wet warm towel on top of it. Leave this for half an hour to an hour. Then you can wash your hair with warm water and feel free to use your shampoo. Repeat this process at least twice a week over a two month period.
  • Mix Castor oil with almond oil in even quantities and put it on your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic bag and leave this for half an hour. Then you can wash your hair with warm water or feel free to use shampoo.
  • Garlic oil helps prevent hair loss and makes your hair strong. Put garlic oil on your hair and massage your scalp well for few minutes. Leave this on for 20 minutes and use this mask once a week.

For Fighting Dandruff

  • Apply some vinegar mixed with a little bit of oil olive to your hair. Let this dry for a few minutes and then wash as usual. Repeat this process until the dandruff disappears. Using vinegar on your hair will make it darker, especially in winter.

For Shiny Hair

  • You can apply olive oil to your hair 2 hours before taking a shower or a bath. This will give your hair a shining and healthy look.

Permanent Hair Straightening-Still Not Safe

Everyone thinks that because a service or product is offered at a salon, it is safe. Unfortunately, this is completely false and the FDA seems to disappoint once again, this time in the case of dangerous hair straightening products. A recent Environmental Working Group report claims that hair straightener makers and salons continue to cover up the dangers exposing their clients and salon workers to formaldehyde.

EWG Investigation: Hair Straighteners Release Potent Carcinogen

Obama Administration Moves to Curb Toxic Salon Service

CONTACT: EWG Public Affairs: 202.667.6982.


Washington, D.C. – The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a health hazard alert to salons nationwide about the risks that popular hair straightening products, including well-known Brazilian Blowout, pose a danger to salon workers and customers. The agency warned that formaldehyde – a common ingredient in many of the treatments – can cause nose and lung irritation and increases the risk of cancer. Read more….

EWG’s comprehensive report of 45 manufacturers of hair-straightening products has found that:

  • Even though companies are claiming that they do not use formaldehyde in their products, tests show that 15 out of 16 of these companies have a substantial amount of formaldehyde in their products.
  • Dangerous formaldehyde fumes have been found in the air of salons; those salons using hair straightening products containing more than 1 percent formaldehyde are required by law to monitor workers symptoms. Some products tested contain 11.8 percent!
  • Unfortunately, many salons continue to deny the risks and government officials have been slow to move against risky hair straighteners.

From the EWG report:

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has belatedly issued a “hazard alert” to salon workers and owners, urging them to stop using formaldehyde-based hair straighteners. If they persisted in selling the service, the agency said, they must take extensive precautions, including air monitoring, installing ventilation, training workers and providing protective equipment such as gloves, chemical splash goggles, face shields and chemical resistant aprons.

The agency disclosed that it is investigating a number of salons, importers, distributors and manufacturers of these products and already has issued some citations. “Workers have the right to know the risks associated with the chemicals with which they work, and how to protect themselves,” OSHA chief David Michaels said on April 11, 2011, as he announced the agency’s salon crack-down. “Employers need to know these risks in order to ensure the safety and health of their workers.

The FDA, responsible for cosmetic safety, does not limit amounts of formaldehyde in hair-straightening products and has not taken action against companies using formaldehyde. Hair straighteners based on formaldehyde have been recalled in six countries — Australia, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany and Cyprus — but are still widely used in American salons.

What is even more frightening is that most consumers are unaware of the dangers to begin with….or maybe they just don’t want to know for fear that they would have to give up straight hair. EWG goes even further in its report, listing the best options for straight hair. Unfortunately, there aren’t many.

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