Bare Minerals, one of the more popular brands of mineral makeup sold through infomercials since 1998 has had its share of complaints. From burning, itching and breakouts, to deep red and purple welts, it’s all been reported immediately after use. What causes these skin irritations? It’s hard to say. What women must remember is that……

a) just because a product is all natural, does not mean that they will not have a reaction to it. Heck, I have a reaction when I eat bananas! and….

b) Bare Minerals contains bismuth oxychloride which is an inorganic pigment used in traditional cosmetics as well as mineral makeup and not so natural.

Bismuth oxychloride is a byproduct of lead and copper processing and  is considered a skin irritant. As I mentioned above, many people report itching, rashes or cystic acne which may be attributed to this one ingredient alone. Bismuth oxychloride should be avoided if you have acne, rosacea or sensitive skin. And remember it is not limited to mineral makeup products; it is used in thousands of skin care products women have been using for years. It’s only one ingredient among several that cause skin problems for a small minority of women.

Its unfortunate that bad experiences with natural mineral makeup have caused women to give up on this product altogether. There are mineral makeup products out there that do not contain bismuth oxychloride and “pure” natural brands of mineral makeup do not contain irritants such as fragrances, synthetic dyes, and preservatives. They also contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which have anti-inflammatory properties, important for women who suffer from rosacea or acne. For some women, this product is life changing.

If you are thinking about trying mineral makeup, double check the ingredients, buy from a good company that accepts returns if unsatisfied, and if all natural doesn’t cut it, ditch the product all together.

Visit Simply Karen Cosmetics for all natural mineral makeup that does not contain bismuth oxychloride.

3 comments on “Bare Minerals Complaints”

  1. jeanette biswell says:

    My son order bare mineral elements trial product for me as a gift I called them to cancel because I do not wear makeup and am disable and don’t even leave my house. I have had 7 back surgeries in the last 10 yrs 5 of which were in the last 3 yrs. I take percocet and morphine for the pain I live with which also causes me to sleep for days on in. the man I spoke to on the phone said he would email me the address and a conformation number to use when I shipped the product back he also went on to say I could use it up to dec 8th. I never got an email from them I tried to get the information again but no luck then on dec 9 I woke up at 5;30 p.m and went on line to find my bank account was charged a $130.52 even though on tv its only cost $29.95 I tried to work somethig out with them because I’m on SSD and only get $784.00 a month to live on. I do not know what I’m going to do now my bank account dosen’t even have enough money to cover the cost of make up I don’t even want I wish someone could help me if so email me at thank you jeanette

  2. What kind of son gives you a gift and has them charge it to you? File a fraud charge with you bank if you really didn’t authorize the charges.

  3. Kelly Peters says:

    I bought 2 kits last summer the foundation set and the glamour one.I got a bad rash that burned my skin on my eye lids.I went to the doctor twice and ruled out the food and drinks and gradually put the makup set back on I thought it was the fondation or the eyeshadow and finally came down to the mascara burning and iching my eyelids.I was on cordizone creme and taking allergy remedy and benadry.What is In this Im not sure but I would not recomend it to anyone!!! Im not happy with this Flwless defintion volumizing macare it shoul be taken off the market.I have used many other mascares throught the yeras and this is the only one to burn the skin off on eye lids.

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