Cosmetic technology is constantly improving. It’s not just a question of finding longer lasting mascara that doesn’t run, but rather of makeup that won’t cake or crease, and will actually help keep the skin healthy.

Take mineral powder makeup, for example. This is quite a boon for women everywhere, but in particular in places with high humidity, that cause normal makeups to melt and run.

Mineral powder makeup has no talc, no chemicals, no fillers and no dyes.

Because it has no talc, it doesn’t dry out the skin, and it doesn’t cake or crease.

Because it has no chemicals, fillers or dyes, it is gentle on the skin, does not clog the pores, and there’s little risk of allergic reaction.

As an extra bonus, mineral powder makeup also protects against UV radiation!

Mineral powder makeup is made from very finely crushed minerals  Рzinc oxide, mica, and silica. Zinc oxide is an anti inflammatory, which means that if you suffer from rosacea, this makeup will not exacerbate your condition. It will also cover up acne, sunspots and to a certain extent, wrinkles Рno extra concealer is necessary.

As with any other type of makeup, however, mineral powder makeup comes in wide varieties, to help accent and protect every part of the face. Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to using this type of makeup.

To apply mineral powder makeup, simply¬† use downward strokes and lightly dust the face. Then add more layers as required. To create a “dewy” look, mix a bit of mineral powder foundation with the moisturizer and apply. By varying the content of mica present in the mineral powders, different effects can be achieved – from sheer and shimmering to opaque.

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