You made the switch to natural skin products. Congratulations! The next step is to treat your hair as you would treat your skin by choosing only natural hair products. How we wash and take care of our hair makes a big difference in its quality and health. It’s important to grow strong, thick, shiny hair by way of a healthy scalp and hair follicles and Monat hair products can do that for you in less than a week.

Is your hair, dull and lifeless? Is your hair becoming thinner and difficult to manage? Does your hair seem to grow slowly? I hear your pain. Unfortunately, I was born with fine hair to begin with and years of abusing it with chemical laden hair products only worsened it.

Regular shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that coat the hair shaft and have built up over time. Removing these chemicals from your hair may take several months depending on how long your hair is, how long you have been using these chemicals and which ones you are using.

* Sodium laurel sulfate is used to make your shampoo lather. I will never forget a hairdresser who told me that if the shampoo doesn’t lather well, it is no good. But, what I found out later is that this ingredient corrodes hair follicles making your hair fall out and hindering regrowth.

* Diethanolamine DEA and Cocamide DEA are also chemicals that help shampoo lather up. These chemicals will dry out your hair and make it unmanageable.

* Just as with skin care products, parabens, like methylparaben and propylparaben, are used as preservatives in many personal care products including shampoos and conditioners. One or more animal studies show brain, nervous system, or behavioral effects at moderate doses in addition to being harmful to the environment. Parabens only irritate skin leaving your scalp irritated.

* Formaldehyde, unfortunately, listed under different names, found in some shampoo products, is bad news! Excessive exposure can lead to hair loss. It’s cancerous and may cause headaches and respiratory problems.

Enter Monat Hair Products

First, let me be clear about my intentions for sharing these amazing hair care products with you.

Number 1: It is almost impossible to find natural hair care products that actually work to grow your hair back, thicken your hair, and add body and shine.

Number 2: Because of the above, people continue to use hair care products that contain dangerous chemicals even though their  intentions are to eliminate these chemicals for their health and their family’s health.

Number 3: These products truly work!

Best Shampoo For Hair Growth and Thickening

Monat’s patent-pending age-prevention formula of ingredients seep hair with incredible moisture, reducing dry and brittle texture to deliver new life and hydration to every strand. MONAT features powerful active botanicals and bio-functional catalase that serve as UV protectors and prevent thinning, free radical neutralizers that keep hair looking and feeling naturally healthy, and an exclusive blend of vitamins and minerals to combat oxidative stress along with proactive amino acids that repair and replace essential nutrients. You’ll see and feel the difference in an instant, and with regular use, you’ll discover a brilliant, youthful glow to your hair, along with new hair growth and thickening.

Monat is pronounced (maw-nate). The products are naturally based which means that they are comprised of ingredients that are close to their natural source. This includes high quality botanical extracts, essential oils, and vitamins.

Monat says no to:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • PEH
  • Harmful Colors
  • Harmful Fragrances

Naturally based, according to MONAT, is better. “Naturally based means you get the best of both worlds: a product with ingredients that are as close to the source as possible and blended in effective and safe formulations. We will continue to use only high-quality botanicals, essential oils and vitamins in MONAT formulations so that you get the most benefit of what the earth has to offer.

My Monat Hair Products Review

While vacationing in Cabo San Lucas with friends, I met a woman who gave me a postcard that said “I get paid to wash my hair.” I was intrigued to say the least. For two reasons; my hair sucks and I have been looking for a network marketing company that has the same intentions that I have; to bring effective, chemical free beauty products to the public eye.

The biggest problem for me is fine, flat hair and not much of it. I never had long hair as a young person nor did I have long hair in high school in the 80’s when everyone else had hair past their waist lines. Mine was short. I had no choice. Even when I curled it all over for body, it went flat in about 2 hours.

Unfortunately for her, my 24 year old daughter inherited my fine, thin, flat hair. “Mom, why did I get your hair?” She has spent most of her adult life trying like hell to grow her hair. There was a time when she used hair extentions for so long that she developed bald spots. She is not the only one. Everyone covets long, thick, shiny hair and now it is possible with Monat.

After buying brand after brand of professional hair care products from my hairdresser and either giving them away or throwing them away, I decided to step up and spend the money on truly effective products. Heck, it costs much less for 2 months of my Monat Power System than buying a different product every time I have my hair done.


Firstly, let’s get this out of the way, it’s expensive! For someone who buys shampoo and conditioner at Walmart, this may not be for you. If, on the other hand you are used to buying hair care products through your hairdresser, you will not be disappointed in the cost.

There are also ways to save money on Monat hair products. If you sign up for the VIP membership, you will get a 15% discount on each purchase and free ground shipping every month, with an annual fee of 19.99 to sign up. Sign up as a Market Partner and save 40%. Keep a close watch on flash sales and deals going on monthly also.

Secondly, some people see results after only a couple of days, however most will have to use the products for at least 6 weeks to see the amazing transformation. I found my hair softer and full of body after the first use. After 4 weeks, my hair suddenly looked dry, dull and I thought I saw breakage. I was told that this is the detox phase which generally lasts about a week. You may also see dead hair falling out during this phase. Once I made it through the detox phase (however doubtful), my hair continued to look better and better.

If you can’t commit to 6-8 weeks of using the product while your hair changes, this may not be for you.


Monat for hair loss. For someone with extremely fine hair, I can’t afford to keep losing it down the drain. Usually, after I brush my hair, I can run my hand over it and end up with a handful of hair. Within just 2 weeks of using the Monat system, I no longer had hair falling out after brushing.

Monat for hair growth. My hair is growing much quicker than ever. While I consider this one of the pros, it can also be a con. I have to see my hairdresser more often for trims and color which is pretty pricey! While the products will not strip hair of color, your roots will grow faster and may need touch ups much more often.

So much body! I can’t believe my hair has so much body! I no longer have to be a slave to the curling iron to add body to my fine hair. I no longer look bald when I pull my hair back in a ponytail. I am a happy camper.

Monat hair care products definitely worked for me. For someone who has been an advocate of natural beauty products for years, these products are a godsend for me. It is extremely difficult to find natural hair care products that regrow your hair along with giving it body and shine.

I would recommend these products to anyone who is constantly buying new products over and over again in the search for great hair. I would recommend these products to those that are looking to eliminate nasty chemicals from their life, and I would certainly recommend these products to someone struggling with hair issues like me; hair loss, breakage, and heat damage.

These natural based hair systems will bring volume to thinning hair, softness and moisture to dry, damaged, hair, and will help you to grow hair where it has fallen out. Will they work for everyone? Probably not, but with Monat’s 30 day money back guarantee there is no reason not to try them.

monat before and after
My favorite products:

Revive Shampoo

A cleanser for fine, limp, lifeless hair (that was my hair!) that volumizes and nurtures the scalp. It boosts natural hair growth and strengthens follicles to reduce thinning hair. It does exactly that and also gave weightless body to my fine, flat, flat hair.

Revitalize Conditioner

This is the partner to Revive Shampoo giving volume to lifeless, flat hair. One of the problems I had with professional hair conditoners purchased from the salon, was that they weighed down my hair and made it look greasy. This conditioner is truly weightless while still adding moisture.

Replenish Mask

I use this once a week to hydrate my damaged hair, leaving it on damp hair for 5-10 minutes. For those of you who have lots of frizz, this is the product you need. Not only does it eliminate frizz but for me it also reduced my split ends.

The bottom line: I use 3 products only to cleanse and nourish my hair along with a light mist of the Refinish Control Hairspray. And I now have amazing hair that grows like crazy, and has lots of body!

If you would like samples of any Monat hair products, please send me an email: or Monat hair products for sale here.

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best shampoo for hair growth and thickening

23 comments on “Monat Natural Hair Products”

  1. Great article! It’s a coincidence because my hair stylist told me the same thing about shampoo needing to lather well. However, we never discussed this Sodium laurel sulfate stuff, so I’ll have to have a little chat with her about that just to she what she says. If she acts like she doesn’t even know anything about it, then that will be my cue to find another hairdresser.

  2. I’ve always have problems with hair products. I kept trying different brands but always left unsatisfied. I’ve got a very long hair and shampoos and conditioners one of my concerns when I’m reading blogs. This is very informative. Perhaps I’ll make a switch to this brand and give it a try.

  3. Rruchi Shrimalli says:

    Seems like a genuine article…as if you have actually used it. Although, you may want to edit the line – ‘ I know longer have to be a slave to the curling iron’. I think you need to replace ‘know’ with ‘no’ here. Thanks for the detailed explanations. I use natural products too but they are too much of a hassle for most people. Monat might be a good substitute. Will try it at least once.

  4. I’ve had dull and lifeless hair for as long as I can remember. I think it got worse over time. I guess it’s because of the harmful chemicals in the hair products that I use everyday. From now on, I will switch to organic and natural hair products.

  5. I’m one of those people who thought that a shampoo which doesn’t lather is inferior. I know better now! I love natural products although I find them quite expensive (just like what you wrote). Thanks for the review, I would love to try out Monat hair care products in the future.

  6. Wow, this stuff sounds awesome! I’ll have to try this out at some point

  7. Impressive product! However, I was shocked to read about animal testing. Did the company commission it? I am very much against such practice and will definitely not patronize products using animals to test for harmful chemicals.

  8. I also have thin, wispy hair. My mom said it could be genetic as most females on her side of the family have the same type of hair. I would love to have voluminous hair that bounces! Would love to try this one!

  9. Wow! I didn’t know there were so many unhealthy chemicals in regular shampoo! Thanks for the article!

  10. Seems like Monat makes great hair products. I can’t wait to try out the line!

  11. I’m planning to make a switch to all-natural hair products. Thanks for this!

  12. Cool product! I too would love to make my hair longer and add volume to it. But it’s pricey if I’m not gonna register to the VIP.

  13. I’ve always had a nice, long hair but recently, it is becoming more and more dull and lifeless. I don’t even know the root cause since I’ve been using the same shampoo for 4 years now. I’m really hoping this hair product will work for me. Before and after photos look encouraging!

  14. this is a great product! I always use organic shampoo and they too are quiet expensive as compared to your usual shampoo. But they are definitely better than your regular shampoo. I am going to give this product a try.

  15. i will give this product a try. My hair is thinning and I want it to be a little thicker. I have used many products but I don’t seem to see any effect. I hope this product works, I won’t mind the price as long as it works.

  16. Annamarie says:

    Awesome post! I was wondering if it’s okay to use for chemically treated or colored hair?

  17. The before and after photos a very impressive! I will definitely have to try the monat line. I also like the fact that is has been proven to regrow some hair in both men and women. My husband could use this as well.

  18. Hi Ella. Just emailed you for address to send samples!

  19. Annamarie,

    Monat hair products are especially effective for chemically treated hair because there are no harsh chemicals that can strip your hair of color.

  20. George-send me an email for samples-you won’t be disappointed!

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