Once again, Aveda comes up as a company that continues to put chemicals in there products, this one even sounding pure. Aveda Shampure boasts the following “The Art and Science of Pure flower and Plant Essence”, yet contains many harmful ingredients including dimethicone, fragrance, 2 of the parabens, and many more.

So what’s the deal? A few years ago I wrote about Aveda makeup and hair care and their deceitful way of marketing their products here. I grew up with the impression that this was a natural line of products, however back in the 80’s I really did not give a damn about what ingredients were in my skin care.

I received so much flack from some readers that were steadfast fans of Aveda a year later including this poster “Aveda continues to improve upon their product line based on new and evolving research and has eliminated or reformulated many of their products without parabens and other chemical preservatives.” I decided to look at the company and products again and had to agree from what I was reading. You can read that post here.

So, I find it a bit surprising that now, 3 years after writing about Aveda, they are once again exposed for what they really are. Jessica Ainscough of the Wellness Warrior has a great post up 8 Beauty Brands You Would Think Are Natural….But Aren’t and Aveda is at the top of that list. Who would’ve thought?