Who would have thought that coffee grounds could be used as a natural skin wrinkle treatment? I have used many, many kitchen cabinet products on my skin. Coffee grounds is not one of them. I will definately give it a try mainly because it is free!

Would you believe that coffee grounds can:

Make age spots fade

Smooth wrinkles

Eliminate blemishes

Moisturize dry skin

And even help smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Coffee contains over 300 antioxidant compounds, oils that help moisturize the skin, and hundreds of antioxidants that help protect against fine lines and wrinkles. Coffee is a natural astringent, detoxifier and exfoliant.

So, instead of using those expensive, harsh chemical scrubs in your local store, use this natural skin wrinkle treatment…..coffee grounds. Use them as a facial scrub to eliminate dead skin cells and improve circulation in the skin, or massage into the skin to smooth away bumps and dimples caused by cellulite. Who would of thought?

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  1. Who would really thought that coffee can be a natural skin wrinkle treatment? Thanks for the post, another knowledge for coffee use. 🙂

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