I will never forget this young woman that I worked with for many years who refused to remove her facial hair. This was not soft, light, barely visible hair that most of us have and hate.  We’re talking hairs coming out of her chin and cheeks, at least a half inch long. Help me out here….why would anyone insist on carrying around this female facial hair when there are so many inexpensive female facial hair removal options? I don’t get it.

So many facial hair removal options….

Tweezing: Ouch. If this were the only way to remove it, I would do it, wouldn’t you?

Depilatory creams: they work however they often burn your skin and leave it raw for days.

Bleaching : can lighten the hair but contain harsh chemicals.

Waxing: always my choice hair remover however I eventually tired of the messy residue. When I introduced waxing to my sister, she was in so much pain, she started to cry. Waxing is not for the weak.

Permanent hair removal through electrolysis: becoming very popular. It electrically shocks the hair follicles and destroys them for good. It will cost you.

Laser hair removal: destroys the hair follicles and must be performed by a licensed practitioner. Also not a cheap hair removal option and not everyone responds to the treatment.

My interest in natural skin products got me thinking about these nasty smelling depilatory creams and bleaching creams that make you gag and laser removal or electrolysis is far too expensive. At my age, I would rather purchase a few new outfits and resort to tweezing. An unexpected email and my daughter’s complaints about burning her skin, led me to seek natural hair removal products that actually work.

Natural facial hair removal for women:

Facial Sugaring: Sugar hair removal or sugaring has just come to the forefront over the last several years as many women are searching for chemical free options in skin care products. You can purchase ready made sugar hair removal products such as Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit, now 100% certified organic or if you have the time, you can whip up your own home made sugaring product.

Most hair removal products have concentrated on removing unwanted hair without regard to the damage it causes to the skin underneath. After using MOOM, however, the skin feels and looks smoother, younger and moisturized. It is pure and contains nothing but chamomile, sugar, lemon, essential oils and water. Moom removes hair from the root and will not remove your skin thankfully.

To whip up your own sugar hair remover at home:

Mix ¼ cup of water, 2 cups sugar and ¼ cup lemon juice in a pan and heat (or Microwave) on a medium heat until it bubbles up into a smooth consistency. Let the solution cool down so that it is warm to the touch.

Dust hair with cornstarch. Spread a thin layer of the sugaring solution on your skin in the direction of the hair growth. Then press 1 to 1¼ inch wide cotton cloth strips, rub your hand on the strip and wait. When the solution cools down and hardens, pull the cloth away quickly in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Repeat it 2-3 times.

Just as painful as waxing? Facial sugaring for sure, but the fact that it is all natural and leaves your skin soft, smooth and moisturized is well worth it. If you’re already waxing, then what the hey?

Threading: Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that continues to be practiced by many in the Eastern part of the world. Unwanted hair is removed from the roots with the use of a cotton thread by trained practitioners. Today, threading hair removal is the hottest method of facial hair removal and continues to grow in popularity in the U.S. and worldwide.

With R.E.M. Spring, however based on threading, threading hair removal expertise is not required, since no thread is involved and no risk of cuts and nicks. How does it work? Basically you bend the bar downward, place against your upper lip, roll the handles inward and outward in a continuous motion and voila! The hair is removed by the root.

So with the above chemical free facial hair removal options, you will never again rip a layer of skin off of your face and you will never have a rough red patch over your lip for days on end.

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