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Is Your Lipstick Making You Sick

Chemically sensitive people may get negative symptoms from makeup that include headaches, nausea, lack of concentration, asthma attacks, fatigue and irritability. Now you can blame it on the lipstick!

Harmful products in your lip products:


Alcohol-drying and irritating. Forms of alcohol include cetyl, cetearyl, behentrimonium, and methosulfate.

Lanolin-sounds healthy doesn’t it? Lanolin is the fatty secretion from sheep’s wool and has been known to cause allergic reactions. It may also be contaminated with pesticides as it is a powerful absorbing agent.

Mineral Oil– another healthy sounding ingredient. This is a petroleum derivitive, harsh on skin and is known to cause severe allergic reactions. It also clogs pours.

Petroleum-HELLO?? Would this be the same stuff we run our vehicles on?

Preservatives– extends shelf life of products just as in our food and can be toxic.


This is what should be in your lip products:


Aloe Vera– moisturizes and tones with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Avocado Oil contains vitamin A, D, E, fatty acids and is easily absorbed into the skin.

Beeswax-is a skin softener that helps lock in skins own moisture

Jojoba Oil– nourishes, lubricates, and softens

Natural Colors-beet powder, beta carotene, grape skin extract, turmeric and annatto.

Peppermint-a natural lip plumper

Shea Butter-a natural UV blocker

Sweet Almond Oil-soothes and heals and rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins

Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant and barrier against sun damage.

So next time you bite, chew or lick your lips think about the harmful lipstick ingredients you are ingesting.

Shown above: Simply Karen Long-Lasting Lipstick made with sweet almond and jojoba oils in lavender kiss, Simply Karen Satin Lip Gloss in Chrystalline

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