I happened to read about Mumbani Fresh Face pillow in Prevention magazine recently. They state “studies show that sleeping on a pillow in the same position night after night creates wrinkles that can take hours to go away-or even become permanent”. The Mumbani website calls it morning face. It makes perfect sense. We have all seen those wrinkles first thing in the morning and worried that they would still be there when we walked through the office door.

The Mumbani Fresh Face pillow is a cushioned pillow you wear like a sleep mask to minimize pressure on your face. Independent research shows seventy five percent of users saw smoother skin and more than half reported better sleep.mumbani face mask

I purchased the face pillow from Mumbani for $19.99 and $3.99 shipping. I can say that it was well worth it. Yes, I wake up with less wrinkles, but more importantly, I am sleeping so much better. Being a light sleeper and sensitive to any kind of light, I have worn a face mask to bed for the last 10 years. Getting a good night sleep is the number one way to keep your skin from aging.

This face pillow  is amazing! It blocks light so much better than any mask you could buy in a store, it is cushioned for comfort-no more ear pain, and it eliminates “morning face”-yeah! Well worth the twenty bucks.

mumbani face pillow

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