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Natural Skin Care For Teens

good for you girls skin care


We all work hard to raise health conscious, happy, confident, well adjusted daughters and we work hard to keep them safe (my daughter is doing volunteer work in Nicaragua right this minute….good heavens), but most of us don’t concern ourselves with what they are putting on their skin or on their bodies, especially as young teenagers.

I will never forget the years that my daughter was struggling with acne. I could feel for her pain. We eliminated sugar and wheat from her diet, went through many products such as Neutrogena (recommended by a doctor), Murad, Pro Activ of course, and finally a prescription retinoid.

What truly concerned me were the effects of the prescription cream. My daughter has Italian skin, a beautiful dark olive color and after using the cream for a few months, her skin began to thin and turn light. Needless to say, it freaked me out and I made her stop using it.

This was around the time I started researching all natural products and ordered so much product, I can’t even remember what actually helped. I do know however, if I had to raise her all over again, I would start her with all natural skin care for teens and all natural makeup from the moment she became interested, not only to help reduce skin irritations early on, but to eliminate chemicals entering her body that could potentially cause cancer in later years.

Unfortunately natural skin care for teenage girls barely existed then, if at all, until now.

Chemicals in skin care are sometimes the root of all skin irritations. Parabens, fragrance, and bismuth oxychloride, to name just a few, can cause allergic reactions and sensitive skin. Kim, the founder of Good For You Girls, knows this first hand.

As a veteran of the natural products industry Kim was very aware of the controversy of chemical based skin care. Both of her daughters had severe asthma and sensitive skin issues as babies so they never had any options to use anything but the cleanest products.

As her girls became teenagers, she realized that there were no safe products that were age appropriate for them. Girls today are bombarded with beauty products that are loaded with chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Good For You Girls, specifically for young teens, was born. Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrance, Good For You Girls offers your daughters natural skin care that pampers and protects their skin the way mother nature intended.

Along with raising healthy, happy, self confident daughters, help your daughters form healthy habits and a great relationship with their bodies. Helping her find, safe and natural alternatives is not always easy and Good For You Girls is a great place to start!

Try Annemarie Gianni Organic Skin Care For 10 Bucks



annemarie gianni sample kit

One day Annmarie Gianni, a known health blogger who always cared about what she put into her body, decided to research what she put on her body. Just like me, what she found was shocking to say the least and just like me, she began digging.

What she found is that the beauty products we use each and every day contained unsafe ingredients and were highly under-regulated, even so called “natural” skin care products. Companies are not required to put small amounts of an ingredient on the label even if these ingredients are chemical.

During her research, Annmarie did find a few products that were truly natural however these products just weren’t effective enough.

She decided that she would take matters into her own hands and created a line of skin care products she could feel good about recommending, a line that was truly natural and effective.

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care was born, providing an effective, affordable natural skin care line free of chemicals and alcohols, giving women beautiful, glowing, youthful skin. The line has received awards from Natural News and Fig and Sage and has been reviewed on hundreds of blogs written by happy customers.

The Annmarie Gianni Skin Care company is also committed to finding the best possible ingredients, great and personable customer support, fair product markup, no GMO ingredients, fair trade, no animal testing, using primarily vegan ingredients (two contain honey) and other conscious business practices.

I am not an affiliate of this product, just happened to get an email from a well known nutritionist and decided to take a look at the line more closely. I have not used the products so I can’t vouch for their effectiveness yet. So why am I sharing?

The company is offering what I consider and incredible “no-brainer offer” to try the products for only $10. Choose from five sample kits for mature skin, normal or combination skin, acne prone skin and even get free shipping! If you love the products, you can redeem a $10 coupon, included with your sample kit to make a purchase.

Did I purchase the kit? Hell, ya. Like I said, a no-brainer.

Annemarie Gianni Skin Care sample kit for 10 bucks

Or try Annemarie Gianni travel kits shown below


Moroccan Argan Oil On The Cheap

 Physicians Formula Moroccan argan oil

Pure Moroccan argan oil is just now hitting department and drug stores and it’s about time! As many of you know, my obsession with moroccan argan oil started this blog; after having amazing results with this all natural skin care product, for under $40 no less,  I felt compelled to research more products and to share my findings with you. As a blogger, I began to get free beauty products from companies who wanted me to review their products on my blog. Needless to say, I had so much skin care (most not worthy of review) I put argan oil out of my mind for quite some time.

Morroccan argan oil really took off a couple of years ago and companies began adding a smidgen of argan oil to hair and skin care products and shouting out all of its benefits. Problem was and still is that just a smidgen of this “miracle” oil, will not produce the amazing results everyone is expecting.

If argan oil is listed in the middle or toward the bottom of the ingredient list and squashed in between all kinds of toxic ingredients, you will be so, so disappointed. The ingredients list should be very short.  It should just say 100% Argan Oil or 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil.  If it has anything else listed, its not worth it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a display in a department store for Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil with only the pure stuff on the ingredient list! No other ingredients to dilute it; no other chemical  ingredients to seep into your pores, just pure argan oil.

pure Moroccan argan oil

I never buy my beauty products in a department store because most are loaded with chemicals and actually cause more harm to skin. In this case, however I had to have this product. I have been without it for over six months and memories of this amazing oil came flooding back. The best part is the cost; under 15 bucks.

While I would love to support the women who craft this product, (companies purchase the product for women’s cooperatives in Morocco to support their social and economic welfare here, I am not sure if Physicians Formula supports this cause,) there is a big difference in price and I just had to have it now.

I wrote about Moroccan argan oil benefits here from my experience, but what I also found this time around is that this oil also helps with calcium deposits on the skin. They appeared on my face about four months ago. Sometimes called milia, removal of these annoying little buggers is nearly impossible. I mean it; these small white bumps are there forever.  I ran into an esthetician friend a couple of weeks ago and she said the only way they will go is to get them removed with a lancelet and she would take care of them for me. Yea, no.

Within 3 days of using argan oil, one of them opened up and burst. Are they completely gone 2 weeks later? No. The one that burst, is simply a bit red and healing, the others are shrinking. I have so much faith in the healing properties of this oil, I am sure they will be gone soon. Now if we could only find what causes them in the first place as every website and every doctor has a different opinion on the subject.

Overall, I am completely pleased with this product. It does exactly what the expensive brands do.

Moroccan argan oil ingredients



Easy DIY Body Butter Recipe

Easy diy body butter recipeMaking your own beauty care products is the healthiest, safest and most economical way to ensure that you are putting the most natural ingredients on your skin. It can be difficult to find time for this but there are some ways to squeeze some time in if you make it a hobby.

For example, one day each week you can have your kids join in and experiment with making homemade body care products at your kitchen table for yourselves or for gifts or have friends over and make enough natural bath and body products to last a month. Buy your ingredients in bulk and make enough to freeze them.

My favorite, easy Diy body butter recipe:


This body butter is made from just three ingredients: coconut oil, cocoa butter and essential oil. No crazy chemical ingredients, no drying alcohol, no parabens, just three ingredients!

Coconut oil 

Not only is coconut oil great for your health, but because it contains mostly fats, it acts as an emollient, softening and smoothing skin, even healing small wounds and scars. Coconut oil limits the amounts of microbes on the skin, cleaning up various conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and many other skin infections. It also seeps deep into the skin eliminating dryness. It eliminates dead skin cells and reduces skin flakiness.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter provides deep hydration and is high in antioxidants, fighting free radicals which are the cause of skin aging.

Essential Oil

Essential oils have their own benefits and depending on what your skin type is or what your skin concern  is will determine which oil you should use. For example, carrot seed essential oil smooths skin and helps with skin regeneration. Lavender essential oil helps lighten age spots and scars, great for mature skin and why I chose to use this oil in the recipe. Tee tree, thyme, basil and eucalyptus oils can be used for acne prone skin. Learn more about essential oils and acne here.


  1. Measure out one cup of coconut oil and one cup of cocoa butter. The coconut oil should be soft and the coconut oil will be hard and will need to be cut up in chunks to fill one cup.
  2. Put the coconut oil and cocoa butter into a small to medium saucepan on medium heat. Melt the contents until completely liquid, and there are no longer any chunks. It usually takes 4-5 minutes.
  3. Transfer to a mixing bowl and refrigerate until the liquid becomes a soft solid, sometimes taking a few hours.
  4. Add your essential oil to your liking. For this batch,  I used two cap-fulls of lavender essential oil.
  5. Mix with a stand mixer on high until light and fluffy, similar to whipped cream consistency.
  6. Fill jars and store at room temperature.





10 Alcohol Free All Natural Body Moisturizers great place to start eliminating chemicals from your beauty care routine is with a good alcohol free all natural body moisturizer. Generally when people use these they are covering their entire bodies from head to toe and they remain on your skin for long periods of time. Even worse, most moisturizers contain petroleum based ingredients such as alcohol, fragrance and other chemicals contributing to an increase in dry skin and of course an increase in sales of all things “moisturizing.”

Years ago, prior to my obsession with natural skin products, I purchased just about every skin lotion on the market in search for relief of my very dry skin. While these lotions may initially make your skin feel better when you apply it, they actually dry out and damage  your skin; the more you apply, the dryer your skin becomes and the more you will need.

The growth of body moisturizers has also led to more sensitivities, redness, itching and rashes. Simply eliminating your current dry skin products and replacing them with all natural, chemical free products can drastically change your skin health. Lotions that contain “-cones” such as dimethicone, alcohol, fragrance or other chemicals can mask the underling problem and actually advance the aging process.

Instead of sinking into your skin and nourishing it from the inside out, like healthy ingredients do, it forms a sort of plastic-like barrier on the outside of skin. Your skin is now dependent on the barrier which disrupts the skin’s won hydrating process which increases dryness, making your skin look older. This barrier may also increase breakouts.

The best natural body moisturizers should be rich in butters and oils such as shea butter, almond oil and avocado oil. Choose products with as little synthetic ingredients as possible. Better yet, make your own.

Here are 10 natural body moisturizers with the least amount of toxins:


Harmful Lipstick Ingredients

simply karen mineral lipstick

Is Your Lipstick Making You Sick

Chemically sensitive people may get negative symptoms from makeup that include headaches, nausea, lack of concentration, asthma attacks, fatigue and irritability. Now you can blame it on the lipstick!

Harmful products in your lip products:


Alcohol-drying and irritating. Forms of alcohol include cetyl, cetearyl, behentrimonium, and methosulfate.

Lanolin-sounds healthy doesn’t it? Lanolin is the fatty secretion from sheep’s wool and has been known to cause allergic reactions. It may also be contaminated with pesticides as it is a powerful absorbing agent.

Mineral Oil– another healthy sounding ingredient. This is a petroleum derivitive, harsh on skin and is known to cause severe allergic reactions. It also clogs pours.

Petroleum-HELLO?? Would this be the same stuff we run our vehicles on?

Preservatives– extends shelf life of products just as in our food and can be toxic.


This is what should be in your lip products:


Aloe Vera– moisturizes and tones with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Avocado Oil contains vitamin A, D, E, fatty acids and is easily absorbed into the skin.

Beeswax-is a skin softener that helps lock in skins own moisture

Jojoba Oil– nourishes, lubricates, and softens

Natural Colors-beet powder, beta carotene, grape skin extract, turmeric and annatto.

Peppermint-a natural lip plumper

Shea Butter-a natural UV blocker

Sweet Almond Oil-soothes and heals and rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins

Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant and barrier against sun damage.

So next time you bite, chew or lick your lips think about the harmful lipstick ingredients you are ingesting.

Shown above: Simply Karen Long-Lasting Lipstick made with sweet almond and jojoba oils in lavender kiss, Simply Karen Satin Lip Gloss in Chrystalline

Hyaluronic acid serum review

hyaluronic acid serumI am constantly researching the best ingredients in natural skin products and hyaluronic acid is one ingredient getting rave reviews. HA is a nutrient your body makes that in addition to keeping your joints lubricated, is said to help heal skin wounds, burns and ulcers. Recently hyaluronic acid has been added to many anti aging skin care products and has been promoted as “a fountain of youth” or “facelift in a bottle.”

Hyaluronic Acid is produced naturally in your body, but the type used in serums and medications come from rooster combs or can be produced in a laboratory from certain bacteria.It is said that when using it as an anti-aging serum, you’re getting the benefits of a natural ingredient that promotes skin structure and connective tissue. It has the ability to keep your skin moisturized naturally with water – the elixir that keeps your skin soft and supple.

The advantage of using a hyaluronic acid serum on aging skin is that it can heal skin that has been sun damaged and also have an impact on clearing up rosacea on aging skin. It’s a multi-tasking product which also provides antioxidants – preventing damage from free-radicals that are naturally contained in our environment.

While there is no real evidence as of late to support the claim that this ingredient can prevent aging either by applying to the skin or taking as a supplement, my experience has shown that natural skin care treatments with hyarulonic acid as a main ingredient have made a significant impact on the health of my skin. HA makes my skin glow and you know how much I love glowing skin products! People compliment me often asking if I have a tan.

This is a lightweight product on your skin so it doesn’t negatively impact oily or dry skin – and is gentle on your skin if you suffer from sensitivity. Adding hyaluronic acid serum to your beauty regimen is easy.

Sometimes I use it as a base, sometimes I use it as my last step, after moisturizer for the glow and sometimes I mix a few drops of serum with my moisturizer for intense hydration all day. I am not kidding when I say ALL day.

Often times used by dermatologists to inject lips or forehead frown lines and general smoothing of skin, HA has the ability to absorb and hold vast amounts of water. Unfortunately, like all nutrients, aging lowers the amount your body can produce and your skin suffers.

Without enough moisture, your skin becomes saggy, dry and wrinkled, adding years to your appearance. But when your skin has enough HA, all that water plumps up your skin. Topically applied hyaluronic acid forms an air permeable layer and penetrates into the dermis, thus boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin. The protective breathable barrier on the skin locks in moisture which gives the skin a youthful appearance.

It can enhance volume and elasticity to restore youthful skin and you don’t need injections or expensive dermatologists products to get the benefits of hyaluronic acid. Most are formulated without chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan, fragrance and colors.

6 Top Rated Hyaluronic Acid Serums (effective and super cheap)

Cosmedica Pure Hyarulonic acid

The company claims highest quality HA for intense hydration and moisture and there are hundreds of customer reviews cosmedica hyaluronic serumthat support this claim. It promotes skin elasticity and boosts collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It will give your skin a healthy glow and because it is free of fragrance, dyes and parabens, it’s great for those with acne prone and sensitive skin. Dermatologists recommend for rosacea and it said to reduce redness and broken capillaries.

People have reported improvement with sun damaged skin, large pores, and dull skin in only 2 weeks!

OZ Naturals Hyurolonic acid plus vitamin C

According to the company, You Won’t Find A Higher Quality, More Potent, More Effective Hyaluronic Acid On The Market and they warn you to watch out for generic or cheap products found on line.

Formulated with the highest concentration of pharmaceutical HA used in the most expensive serums, it reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts collegen. Another benefit of this brand of HA is that is contains vitamin C (my other fave ingredient for another post)

Consumers have reported an overnight change in the texture of skin, in 2 weeks improvement in the look of deep wrinkles.

TruSkin Naturals C

trunaturals cReverse the signs of aging while nourishing your skin with the highest quality 20% Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid Serum available for your face. C quickly gives you more youthful skin by neutralizing free radicals and stimulating collagen. Unlike other vitamin c skin care products, C is absorbed quickly and does not leave a stick tightening residue.

Here is what one consumer wrote:

“I started using this a couple weeks ago; I was worried about having a reaction, but have had no problems. I put a thin coat on at night and once dry I put on my normal night lotion. I had heard it worked good, but was amazed at how quickly I had results. I’m 53 years old and over the past couple years have noticed more wrinkles and brown spots. Within one week of using this I noticed my face looked much younger and the brown spots faded substantially. I’m extremely happy with the results on my face and a couple days ago started putting it on the back of my hands (for brown spots) and my eye lids. I’ve tried other wrinkle creams that were supposed to help, but this is the first thing I’ve used that actually made a difference.”

Watts Beauty Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid / Vitamin C / L Arginine – Advanced Skin Repair Gel

This all in one product saves you money because it also contains vitamin C and L’arginine, two other popular ingredients found in the best skin care products. Advanced Skin Repair Gel penetrates deeply, and activates collagen production for a fresher, younger, firmer, brighter complexion.

Consumers reported even skin tone, diminished acne scarring, instant dewy, glowing skin, and younger looking skin after just 2 weeks.

Watts Beauty is owned by women and run by women and offers many natural beauty products. Many consumers report after buying these high quality beauty products, they will never buy from another retailer. Naturally formulated without dangerous fillers, additives and chemicals, Watts products are inexpensive yet effective. Check out all of the company’s amazing products including hair remedies and the best whitening products.

Watts Beauty 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum

A Review:

“Over the last 5 years I face has really started to age. I am almost 48 and my fine lines were becoming more pronounced, my lips less plump and my neckline saggy. I had read somewhere that Hyaluronic Acid was good for wrinkles and decided to try. I purchase this brand from this seller because I had purchased Watts products from them in the past. It is probably the single best beauty choice I have ever made!!! Combining this with Watts Argan oil as well as both Bliss Firm Baby Firm eye cream and Clinique Laser Focus eye cream has shown DRAMATIC results on my eyes, face and neckline. Everything is firmer and softer. I noticed the difference in my eyes right away. After about three weeks of use my lips began to plump up!”

Revive Cream

My favorite moisturizer with HA is Revive Dna Rejuvenation Cream by Dr. Al Sears. Al Sears, M.D., is a medical doctor and one of the nation’s first board-certified anti-aging physicians.

While this cream is far more expensive than most, there are other beneficial cutting edge ingredients in this product. One nutrient is baicalin, Extracted from the the roots of the Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi plant. It protects your telomeres and has a unique effect on your skin’s cells… they start to age in slow motion. Read more about telomeres here.

It also contains squaline, which contains a powerful hydrating action and penetrates into the deepest layer of your skin for the most protection. At the same time, it produces a barrier against water loss, restoring moisture and suppleness to your face, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Whether you choose to buy an expensive moisturizer with hyaluronic acid or one of the inexpensive HA serums listed here, you will not regret it. The benefits can be life changing. Remember ladies, we can’t eliminate wrinkles without surgery but we can certainly slow the aging process with the proper ingredients. The goal is to look younger than your true age.

photo credit: © Kornwa | Dreamstime Stock Photos