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Dr. Mercola’s Death By Medicine

I am posting a video that I found interesting by Dr. Mercola citing the facts about our healthcare industry and how the drug industry is killing us. Everyone of us knows someone who is medicated for no reason.

I will never forget the first time I realized this when I brought my daughter to the doctor and was told that her fever was caused by a virus. This virus could not be cured with antibiotics however he gave me a prescription stating “if it makes you feel better.” Needless to say, I never filled it.

My father in law passed away while on 16 different medications.

My good friend, a gym instructor, is on anti anxiety medication, along with high blood pressure meds and she is only 38 years old. Her son has been on anti anxiety medication since the age of 8.

Americans put more emphasis on sickness and treatment rather than health, fitness, and nutrition. Dr. Mercola has the facts. Spread the word. Pass this video on to your loved ones, share this video using the buttons below, do whatever you can to get this information out there, and most importantly, prevent the use of prescription drugs through, exercise, diet, and natural supplements.

How to find the best night cream reviews

Be Careful About Night Cream Reviews You Find Online

Nowadays the Internet has become so saturated with review sites that it’s become increasingly difficult to find the truth about personal care products especially teeth whitening, weight loss and skin creams. Read my articles here and here. There are many sites that use articles with the word “review” after certain products you are searching for and if you scroll down there is a list of their own top rated products.

First and foremost, I am not bashing the products recommended however I find most night cream review sites very misleading. If you have been shopping on the Internet for some time, you will notice that there are hundreds of these sites and they all look the same. They were built that way to make you believe that they know the top rated products and you will buy from the site for that reason alone. Worse still, you may get sucked into the “trials” that are almost impossible to cancel.

I sometimes review products here and yes, I sometimes get reimbursed. I will never talk about “top rated products” Who rated them? how many people rated them? and have these people tried them? Where are they getting their info?

Night creams are not cheap so how can you find honest night cream reviews?

Or any honest product reviews for that matter? My favorite place to get honest skin care reviews is Amazon. When I find a night cream that I have heard about as the next best thing, I head over there, type in the product name and read all of the reviews that people posted. People like you and I who have tried the product.

It is by far the easiest way to learn about products, their effectiveness and the side effects if any. I learn about night creams, anti aging creams, eyelash enhancements, diet pills, and even books before I throw my money on the table. Sometimes I am disappointed, as you will be.

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Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

For years, I have been searching for the best teeth whitening toothpaste believing the promises of whiter teeth without resorting to harsh whitening strips and whitening trays. Teeth sensitivity is a proven problem and the jury is still out as to whether using these teeth whitening products are harmful to tooth enamel.

According to Science Daily, teeth bleaching products contain solutions of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which provide the whitening effect. They bleach teeth by producing unstable free radicals that attack pigment molecules in the organic parts of enamel. The reduction in pigment means the molecules no longer reflect light, so the teeth appear whiter.

As more and more research is completed regarding the negative side effects of teeth whitening products, manufacturers will continue to reformulate these products only making them better. In the meantime, I will stick with my favorite and in my opinion, the best whitening toothpaste, Luster White 7 Toothaste.

Most of you, I am sure, have never heard of this product as it is rarely advertised and not found in all stores. I happened to spot it at Target and the packaging caught my eye. It also had a logo that stated, “ Voted best whitening toothpaste by Real Simple Magazine”. The best part…it costs only $6.99.

It was one of the best purchases I have made. Using all of the other teeth whitening products for years, such as Colgate, Crest, even Vivid White (which showed a small improvement), I was pleasantly surprised when after just one week, my teeth were truly whiter and brighter than ever. My sis laughed when she videotaped me on the dance floor and all you could see was my white teeth! (more…)

Natural Skin Products-How Do You Know?

USDA Organic, NATRUE, BDIH, NPA.….what do all these certification labels on natural skin products and natural beauty products mean? Why is certification important and what if the products I purchase do not have any certification?

Years ago, the demand for organic and natural skin products was minimal and therefore not important for beauty product companies to be clear of the facts and ingredients and so easy to misrepresent their products. As the demand for organic and natural products continue to grow, so do the number of products, manufacturers and suppliers, making it necessary for third party certifications.

These certifications make it easier for the “natural” consumer to differentiate fact from fiction. As many of you already know, just because a product has organic in its name or organic ingredients in the advertising DOES NOT mean it’s organic. Even more confusing, just because a product is not certified, does not mean that it is not organic and natural. (more…)

More Great Vitamins For Skin

My posts have slowed down a bit this summer because, well, I live in New England and summer is most important to me. In New England, we try to squeeze as much fun as we can into just a few short months. Boy, am I having fun! Anyway, I just learned of some new vitamins for skin that I wanted to quickly share with you.

I am a big fan of vitamins for my overall health but keeping my skin healthy from the inside with vitamins for skin is just as important to me. You can find many skin vitamins at your local health food store however there have been new, advanced skin care vitamins recently launched that are available for purchase through spas and the Internet.

Most Exciting, Eminence Organics, winner of the best of the Best Of The Best Consumer Choice Award, has launched a line of skin care supplements. VitaSkin Vitamin Solutions are available in 3 categories. Calm Skin Vitamins for all skin types but especially for rosacea, calms and soothes skin. Flaxseed nourishes the skin with Omega 3 fatty acids, Milk Thistle which promotes healthy liver function and controls inflammation, Blueberry prevents free radical damage, Pine Bark Extract said to improve hyperpigmentation, age spots and blisters, Garlic Oil, and Lecithin which hydrates and nourishes. (more…)

Repair Sun Damage In As Little As 12 Weeks

Most of us have some sort of sun damage mainly because our parents had no idea what sunscreen was when we were growing up. Heck, my sisters and I fought over the hump in the back seat of the car, and my mother breast fed with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. We’ve come a long way over the years and while we didn’t have control then, we certainly have control now.

Sun damaged skin is not pretty. The more you expose your skin to the sun, the more collagen and elastin break down, kicking in a response mechanism to protect itself, making the skin thicker for regeneration. You’ve all seen those with age spots or sun spots and even skin that looks leathery and it isn’t attractive. If you have age spots and you are not using good quality skin care products and you continue to expose your skin to the sun, these age spots will get bigger and bigger. I have seen, in my own family, age spots the size of a cheek. (more…)

Best Anti Aging Creams I Will Never Buy

The spring issue of New Beauty Magazine had its Beauty Choice Awards for best anti aging creams and I have to say that I am shocked at the price of these face creams.

The best overall luxury cream:

La Mer Concentrate for $350. Why? It hydrates, and makes skin feel smooth. (That’s it?) Made with Miracle Broth? What in the world could be in this miracle broth?

The best anti aging cream over $500:

La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare for $1000. Why? It tackles just about every anti aging concern. (So do many natural skin products) Made with platinum; huh?

The best skin care system over $500:

Orlane Global Anti Aging Ampoules for $750. Why? It greatly improves texture and tone. (That’s it?) Made with SIRT Complex; never heard of it.

I can almost bet that your skin will look just as great with a natural anti aging cream that costs under a hundred bucks!