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Spray Tan Tips

Because of my near experience with skin cancer I swore off the tanning booth. As my March vacation approached, I began to panic about well…not having a tan. How would I wear shorts? How would I wear that awesome white top? How could I possibly wear my bikini? I know, I will get one of those spray tans! Well, needless to say, I learned a lot from my experience and here are my spray tan tips:

Tip #1

Don’t waste your money on spray tans.

The spray tan cost is too high for the quality of the tan. I paid $25 for the first spray tan and never got any color to speak of. So the second time, 4 days later, having no choice….”OMG, I leave for vacation tomorrow!”, I purchased a second spray tan and added the extra $5 for the “bronze” look. While I obtained a slight color on my upper body, my legs were still pasty white. So guess what I had to do to wear shorts the very next day? I had to use my sisters good old trusty self tanning towels.

Tip #2

Don’t waste your money on spray tans.

I am not sure if I am just too old to hold my breath for very long, but I just couldn’t hold it long enough for the spray tan to complete the process and therefore inhaled it. Nasty! Can you say chemicals?

Tip #3

Don’t waste your money on spray tans.

I guess I am also too old to listen to directions. Everything ok facing front; you can leave your arms by your side. The problem comes in when you turn around. You must remember to put your arms in front of you or you will tan the inside of your arms. Unfortunately for me, the inside of my arms got a nice tan.

Tip #4

Don’t waste your money on spray tans.

Don’t you hate the smell of self tanning lotions? I sure do. It takes hours and definitely a shower to eliminate that nasty smell. Use the spray tan booth and be prepared to smell “the smell” for days, not hours. You can take many showers over several days and as soon as you start to sweat, you will smell that lovely smell. Again, can you say chemicals? Obviously they seep into your pores.

I know, we are lazy and just don’t want to go through the trouble of rubbing self tanner all over our bodies, but the expense is not worth it. You get a slight color, chemicals up your nose and in your lungs, and smell for days on end. Thanks to my sis, I will be stocking up on self tanning towels at Simply Karen. Here’s why:

  • No Mess
  • No streaks.
  • No discolored ankles, knees or elbows.
  • No exfoliating first.
  • Dries in seconds.
  • Gives even coverage.
  • Convenient for travel.

And best of all…you will smell good after applying it! Yes, there is a self tanner that actually makes you smell good. It’ true!

Try a self tanning towel for free!

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The Hippest Eco Friendly Bags

Yes, I know, this is a natural skin care blog. So I am thinking some of you natural skin care advocates may be interested in all things natural so I thought I would introduce you to the hippest eco friendly bags that I have found.

These are the greatest shopping bags. Green Girl Eco Totes offers all sorts of designs and sizes….say goodbye to those ugly grocery store Eco friendly bags!

My favorite: Eco Jutes

Featuring catchy, Earth-friendly messages, Green Girl Eco-Jutes are as strong and durable as they are stylish. These eye catching Eco friendly totes are great for the market, shopping at your local boutique or even hitting the beach. Made of 100% jute, natural biodegradable fiber, water based ink dyes, these bags stand out. If going green stopped at using ugly reusable shopping bags, this is your chance to be the hippest green mom on the block.

A Natural Eczema Treatment Must Start Here

You have tried every lotion, potion and promising new skin cream and you still can’t eliminate your eczema breakouts. What’s the problem? Unfortunately, eczema is treated as if the problem had started with your skin when in reality it started from inside your own body. Even the professionals treat it on the outside, most often ignoring the root of the problem. A natural eczema treatment must start from within; many eczema creams will only mask the problem.

According to Tara Smith, ARNP NP-C, a board-certified nurse practitioner for Dr. Sears’ Center for Health & Wellness in Royal Palm Beach, Fla, there are four major internal causes of eczema. They include:

1. Digestion. If the barrier that protects your gut becomes damaged from a poor diet, inflammation, medications or environmental toxins, partially digested food particles and toxins can seep into your bloodstream. This may trigger an allergic reaction to food that should easily be digested and in turn will show up on your skin.

2. Hormonal imbalance. Pesticide-laden produce and hormone injected animal products can wreak havoc on your body’s hormones by disrupting its natural balance and unfortunately, as most of you know, throwing your hormones out of whack will cause your skin to react.

3. Stress. Again, most everyone knows that stress can cause some serious issues with our health and obviously this is related to our skin. When under stress, adrenal glands may secrete excess cortisol which can actually do some good. Too much cortisol however, can cause many other problems, from weight gain and an impaired immune system to acne and eczema. It can also kill off good bacteria that can disrupt the “ecosystem” in your stomach and lead to skin problems and infections.

4. Infection. Infections such as fungal infections, bacterial and viral infections, even yeast infections caused by antibiotics or eating processed foods, sugar and white breads can cause eczema breakouts.

According to Tara Smith ARNP NP-C, patients who started with a natural eczema treatment from the inside had the greatest success when fighting eczema flare-ups. So, in conclusion, if you want to eliminate your eczema for good, it’s best to tackle it from the inside and try natural, eczema remedies like the following….

Take care of your digestive health. Get more fiber in your diet and drink lots of water(there’s that water thing again). Water will flush out toxins in your body, the toxins that cause flareups. Try to eliminate milk, eggs, nuts, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, wheat and gluten.

Gluten allergies have come to the forefront over the last couple of years as this allergy causes many health problems including major skin problems. I have a friend who is allergic to gluten and when she is anywhere near it, she is constantly clearing her throat or coughing so I have seen it triggered first hand within seconds. Eliminate gluten from your diet and see what happens. The same goes for dairy products. Many people go through their entire lives not realizing that they are allergic to dairy products. Allergic inside means allergic outside. Let your doctor know if you suspect an allergy to any of these products.

Taking probiotics daily may help also. Probiotics slow the growth of bad bacteria and maintain the right amount of good bacteria in your body.

Eat natural foods. Avoiding chemicals in processed foods is one way to ensure that the food you eat is not causing these skin reactions. Go organic.

Ward against infections. Garlic fights infections and vitamin C and D help to boost the immune system naturally.
The best food sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, green pepper, broccoli, kale and brussels sprouts. Or you can supplement.

Get your omega-3s. Low omega-3 levels are common in people with skin problems including eczema so be sure to include enough in your diet by eating salmon, green vegetables, avocados or supplements.

If you think you have eczema, discuss it with your doctor. If you are just beginning to see signs of eczema, it may be the skin care products you are using causing irritation and switching to an all natural skin lotion could be the easy answer. A natural eczema treatment on the outside will help to alleviate symptoms, however getting to the root of the problem through proper diet and supplementation may eliminate your eczema breakouts much faster.

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Early Skin Cancer-Don’t Put Off Skin Cancer Screening

I never really paid attention to early skin cancer warnings because for my entire life, I was one of those lucky ones that tanned easily. I can’t say that I never burned because occasionally I did and when I burned, it was big time. The first time I went to Bermuda, not knowing that 5 minutes in their sun is like an hour here in New England, I burned so badly, I had sun poisoning. Sick as a dog for two days of my vacation; definitely not looking hot in my bikini.

So, to make a long story short, I found out that all of my cousins have had some form of skin cancer removed over the last few years and as you can imagine I suddenly took notice of the comings and goings of those weird red marks, bumps, and dry patches making their appearance on my skin as I head into my late forties. It’s a damn good thing that I did. Early skin cancer symptoms are there. Don’t ignore them.

Today I went in for a skin cancer screening. Easy peasy! You get seen when you are scheduled, you strip down to your undies, they freeze the precancerous lesions or sores, and you are out of there within a half hour. It’s true! And the best part is that it is covered by most insurance companies aside from your co-pay that is. And if you don’t have insurance, you can usually get a free skin cancer screening in your area. There is no excuse to put off a skin cancer screening. None. Nada.

A few weeks ago, I noticed small bumps on my chest which turned to small red sores which turned to large red dry patches and then dwindled away to small red bumps again. The picture on the right is not of my chest however, this is what my sores looked like and of course this picture is magnified so don’t think they have to be large, they don’t. My husband said “not to worry, it is just sweat between your breasts” (I should be so lucky). Don’t listen to your husband…..husbands think we are all hypochondriacs because we complain so much.

I got my ass down to a dermatologist. The uncomfortable sores on my chest were indeed skin cancer symptoms and bing, bang, a little liquid nitrogen and they are gone. I am lucky, or smart, but bottom line is some of these odd bumps, left untreated, could have resulted in skin cancer.

Would these sores have developed into full blown cancer cells? Maybe, maybe not. I for one, will have a skin cancer screening every year, faithfully. After all, I have many more vacations to enjoy worth much more than the $15 co-pay I had to cough up.

Now, for the first time ever, you and your loved ones can spend whole afternoons in the sun without giving a thought to sunburn or skin damage. Click Here to learn more.

Hydroxatone Scam

Did you all get your free sample of  Hydroxatone in the mail? While I would have liked a sample of the Hydroxatone Skin Cream, the miracle wrinkle cream advertised on the radio, the sample I got was for the Hydroxatone InstantEffect 90 Second Anti-Wrinkle Results serum. Is Hydroxatone a scam?

Here is what it says: “Look & Feel Younger in 90 Seconds.” Apply in crisscross motion on clean skin. Gently smooth out with finger until targeted area is filled in.”

I was shocked to see the few deep wrinkles I have disappear before my eyes, but not for long……It should have said” Look & Feel Younger for 90 Seconds!” It sucks. It only works until your face moves. I even tried it a second time to make sure I wasn’t seeing wrinkles that weren’t there. They were.

Disclosure Policy

While it is a good practice for the visitor of any review site to treat every product recommendation with a healthy degree of skepticism, it would be a mistake to assume that every review is invalid just because there may be a commission paid to the reviewer. I have personally used the products that are included in my reviews and will only recommend those that I strongly believe in. In addition, here are some of the readers protections I attempt to build into my reviews:

1. Many of the reviews contain lots of factual information that is easily verifiable. Pure Skin Blog always tries to provide an honest and accurate assessment.

2. The review includes a section that is a subjective summary. This is based on my personal experience.

3. Attempts are made to establish the general consensus in relation to specific products by reading reviews of those products on other sites, along with user testimonials and Pure Skin Blog attempts to portray this overall perception in its reviews.

4. Pure Skin Blog always provides links to the manufacturers’ website to provide additional information that is not available in my reviews. Some of this information can include customer testimonials, more specific product details, sales information, free newsletters and even samples.

These are good rules of practice. It is important for you as a consumer to understand the relationship between a person reviewing the product and the manufacturer.

If you do not see a disclosure policy on a review site, that reviewer may be committing an offense.

I hope that you have a useful and meaningful experience as a direct result of my detailed reviews and articles here at Pure Skin Blog. I welcome any feedback that may help me to improve your experience when visiting this website.

All Natural Skin Care And So Much More

The reasons that people turn to all natural skin care products are obvious. Natural skin lotions without added chemicals can clear the skin of problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and even rosacea. It can make your skin glow. Natural skin care ingredients can eliminate dry, itchy skin by restoring moisture levels, heal wounds and cure acne. For some, switching to all natural skin care is solely based on evidence of chemicals found in the body from the beauty products they slather on every day.

Here is yet another reason to switch to natural and support natural skin care companies. Most of these companies are also making their products more environmentally friendly and giving back to the people who are cultivating the ingredients. Not only are they producing the most effective natural beauty products for our skin, they are focused on long term results on our bodies, our earth and the people who inhabit it.

From making their packaging recyclable to donating millions to green or environmental issues to using only fair trade ingredients, the following companies are contributing way more than just beautiful all natural skin care.

Pai Skincare-Pai is the first ever all natural skin care company to be SEE accredited. The SEE Companies kite mark recognizes a company’s Social, Ethical and Environmental credentials.

Amala-Amala pays a higher fixed price for superior quality plant ingredients and reinvests 5% of its profits back in to the fair trade farm network.

Africology Skin Care ProductsThe creator of this amazing product line has strong motivations for the company to use it to promote South Africa and to help develop poor communities and their income potential. 5% of all Internet sales be awarded to their Beauty with Responsibility account which helps develop the people of South Africa along with giving back to the environment.

Kahina Giving Beauty-committed to helping Berber women of Morocco by giving back 25% of the profits from the sale of Kahina Giving Beauty products to support initiatives to help these women.

Pure & True Organic Beauty-This great company believes it is possible to indulge ourselves while making a difference in the world. In addition to the commitment of using green and sustainable packaging options, Pure & True donates 5% of their product sales to Women For Women International, The Nature Conservancy, and Carbon Fund.

Eden Allure-Cultural Connections purchases only fairly traded Argan Oil from the Berber women of Morocco helping to fund social improvements where women make little money. They will donate a portion of proceeds to a the Global Fund for Women. This charity aids in providing relief to abused and impoverished women all around the world.

Sejaa-Developed by the environmental activist Gisele Bündchen, Sejaa is a revolutionary skincare line that protects and supports your skin’s natural radiance, while also protecting the health and beauty of our environment.

Weleda-Many of the ingredients in Weleda’s all natural skin care products are grown bio dynamically in their own gardens or wild-harvested. Where they use external suppliers, Weleda works hard to build up sustainable, enduring relationships that benefit all involved. Through Weledas fair trade agreements, the offer economic and social support to these communities.

All natural skin care, ethical and sustainable. How perfect is that?
I invite all of you to suggest a natural skin care company that can claim all that. Comments open.