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Is Your Eczema Cream Making It Worse?

Creams Used to Treat Eczema Could Make It Worse, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (Nov. 13, 2010) — New research at the University of Bath suggests that using emollient creams to relieve the symptoms of eczema could actually make the condition worse.

The researchers, from the University’s Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, have published a study in the British Journal of Dermatology showing that aqueous cream BP reduces the thickness of healthy skin over a period of four weeks, calling into question whether the cream should be used for treating eczema.

Originally used as a wash product, aqueous cream BP is currently the most widely prescribed emollient for the treatment of dry skin conditions. It is used to moisturize the skin, improving flexibility and preventing cracking in the protective outer layer, called the stratum corneum.

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This is just more research that shows how skin care products are making things worse for us. Be safe. Go natural. Learn about a proven natural skin cream for eczema.

The Anti Aging Cream Ingredient That Does Everything You Want It To Do

The Anti Aging Cream Ingredient

Is your skin dry and dehydrated? How do you know that? If your wrinkles suddenly appear more pronounced and your skin looks dull and lifeless and after trying several department store products, it feels dry to the touch, than your skin is definitely in trouble.

You will not reduce crows feet, wrinkles or dull skin when your skin is dehydrated. The key is and always has been water. Yes, drinking it can definitely help but unfortunately some of us must force ourselves to get even half of the requirements needed to make a difference in our skin tone.

I won’t say that you don’t have to drink water however I will say that there is something else that can help keep your skin hydrated. It’s called Hyaluronic Acid or HA for short. Your body produces HA to keep your skin moist. It has the ability to absorb 1,000 times its weight in water to plump up your skin.

HA can give you smooth, tight, full skin again. As you age, like every other good thing for our bodies, the amount the body produces is lessened and your skin will suffer. Without HA, you lose volume in your skin. And suddenly, wrinkles and fine lines appear. But when your skin has enough HA, all that water helps to keep your skin smooth, supple and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

If Hyaluronic Acid is used topically, you may see significant results because unlike most ingredients in the average anti aging cream that only sit on top of skin clogging pores, HA absorbs into the deep skin tissue. HA is not the only thing to look for however. Make sure your anti aging cream contains only natural ingredients free of toxic chemicals as HA is a carrier and you don’t want parabens, PABA, mineral oil and others to seep into your skin cells.

So now you know what I will say next. Get yourself a great anti aging cream with HA that will increase your skins volume and elasticity, increase the amount of moisture in your skin, decrease the appearance of redness and size of pores, get your skin glowing again and of course diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

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The Truth About Your Anti Aging Cream

So what are you paying for in your anti aging cream? I just read a great article on about how we, the consumers are getting ripped off by cosmetic companies and being charged far beyond the actual cost of producing cosmetics and skin care products. Experts warn that we’re getting bamboozled by huge makeup markups. Sometimes, it’s expensive packaging, sometimes it’s huge marketing campaigns, but most importantly, the cost has nothing to do with the ingredients they are using to create these products.

According to Paula Begoun, author of Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, many expensive products contain little more than wax and water with almost nothing else of benefit for the skin. So why do we buy them? We believe the hype, the promises, the big names promoting them. We believe that more expensive means better however the anti aging cream you just bought for several hundred may contain little except chemical ingredients that do absolutely nothing for the skin.

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The Cosmetics Racket: Why the Beauty Industry Can Get Away with Charging a Fortune for Makeup

I promise to be more positive next week!

7 Great Natural Lip Balms Just In Time For Winter

Winter is coming fast and along with winter comes dry, chapped, cracked lips. To avoid this, make sure you keep your lips moist and hydrated at all times with the best natural lip balms you can find. Many lipsticks, glosses, and lip balms contain chemicals that believe it or not, contribute to dry lips. Ask yourself a question: How often are you reapplying your lip balm? If you’re applying it constantly, let’s say, every half hour or so than obviously this product is not working for you.

Many are now claiming this as a “lip balm addiction” when in reality, the product is simply ineffective. Watch the ingredients and instead opt for a natural lip balm without drying chemicals. One other thing. Head on over to the cosmetic safety database, plug in your favorite lip products, and take a peak at the chemicals you may be swallowing every day.

I’m here to help you so here are just a few all natural lip balms that will do the trick:

Pai Organic Skin Care for sensitive skin offers its Bergamot Orange Organic Lip Balm containing beeswax and sweet almond oil softening and protecting dry, chapped lips. $10 and worth every penny!

Jane Iridale PureGloss for lips, actually shines, protects, and plumps without chemicals.To a base of organic vegetable oils, they added botanicals including extracts of green tea, grape seed and pomegranate, all powerful antioxidants. PureGloss does not contain petroleum-based ingredients to dry out your lips. $19

Ward off chapped lips with Kissable Lips by Lily Organics. A rich emollient blend of oils including almond oil, avocado oil, olive oil and vitamin E to protect and promote healing of sore, chapped lips. $4.79

Aubrey Organics Natural Lips Sheer Tint adds a rich gloss to your lips and softens and conditions with organic shea butter and other rich emollients. $7.50

Poofy Organics Lip Balm is made with all natural ingredients and comes in an assortment of flavors including chocolate, cocolime, and cotton candy. Poof’s Closet is dedicated to providing healthy alternative beauty products free of toxins and unhealthy ingredients. $3.95

My very favorite natural lip balm website is My Lip Stuff. This is the coolest site for lip balm addicts. A blend of butters, oils and beeswax to moisturize, contain only ingredients that are skin loving. No harsh chemical ingredients, petroleum or mineral oil.

They offer 500 different flavors, your choice of fun labels like booze balms, phone number balms, horoscope balms, initial lip balms, fortune cookie lip balms with fortune under the label, or get creative and design your own personalized lip balm label. How cool is that? Think Christmas gifts! Some samples……

And finally if you’re feeling motivated, try this homemade lip balm recipe.

A Natural Moisturizer Does The Job Others Claim

As a believer in natural medicine, I love this quote…

Most men die of their remedies, not of their illnesses. – Moliere

I truly believe that. I also believe that goes for products we put on our skin. We should always find the least invasive, safest solution for our skin problems without resorting to expensive surgery or toxic skin treatments. We must address the underlying causes of aging or inflamed skin, and address them with a natural skin care regimen including first and foremost, a natural moisturizer.

A well formulated anti aging moisturizer should be free of toxic ingredients and designed to bring back the skin’s natural moisture as well as protecting it. One of the things I have learned since my days of selling Estee Lauder in a department store is that often times the chemicals in so called anti aging treatments are actually the root cause of allergic reactions in the skin. Acne and other inflammatory skin conditions may be caused by just these products containing fragrance.

A natural moisturizer should hydrate your skin with ingredients such as squalane, cactus flower extract, or hyuralonic acid, a  key ingredient in anti aging skin products . It should also contain an antioxidant such as resveratrol, retinol, and or vitamin E.

L-ascorbic acid and L-proline stimulate collagen production.

So what’s a girl suppose to do to get her skin in tip top shape?

Focus on rehydration. Lack of moisture leads to inflammation which ultimately damages your skin and is the root cause of skin aging prematurely. Drink lots of water…there, I said it, purchase a natural moisturizer designed to keep your skin hydrated, a serum that will help stimulate collagen production, and stay FAR AWAY from the flipping department store cosmetic counter!

Using the proper natural moisturizer will not only hydrate skin but also repair damaged, aging skin. Yes, repair.

Home Made Lip Balm Recipe Just In Time For Winter

Winter is fast approaching and many of us have a problem with extremely dry lips. On top of dry lips, if you have a bad habit of picking and chewing your lips you are basically eating the dangerous chemicals in your lipstick daily. I admit it, I have a lip picking habit, always have, especially when I am deep in thought or nervous.

I have probably picked and swallowed over 100 tubes of lipstick. I use lipstick and lip balm to keep my lips moist, and then I end up with dryer lips and start picking it off. And up until the last year or so, I never knew that the ingredients in lip products were not only harmful, but the ingredients were actually drying my lips. You too can learn about dangerous cosmetic chemicals. It’s far better to find an all natural lip balm. So anyway back to the homemade lip balm recipe….

I found this awesome lip exfoliator and lip balm recipe on Spa Magazine’s website and I can actually eat it! Just kidding, I don’t recommend that you eat it.


Combine 1/2 tsp. granulated sugar and 1 drop of honey in a small bowl. Rub onto your lips for 15 to 30 seconds using light, circular motions. Gently wipe off with a warm washcloth. Voila, your lips are exfoliated and smooth.


Combine 2 tsp. almond oil, 1 tsp. honey, 1 tsp. beeswax pellets, and fluid from 1 vitamin E capsule in double boiler or small pan. Stir over low heat until beeswax melts. Pour into a small container and allow to cool. When balm solidifies, rub onto lips as often as desired.

Hey, if you’re too lazy to do it all, I highly recommend the natural exfoliator and then get yourself a natural lip balm such as Burt’s Bees. What’s most important is that you are not eating chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

Hyarulonic Acid-Key Ingredient In Anti Aging Skin Products

Hyarulonic acid, naturally found in the body, the substance that lives in the connective tissue and deep layers of skin keep skin smooth, plump and moist.

Unfortunately HA levels drop as we age making our skin look dry, thin, laden with wrinkles and droopy. So it’s no surprise that advancements in cosmetic dermatology allow for hyaluronic acid serums, hyaluronic creams, supplements and even injections.

This all natural ingredient is being added to many of the best anti aging skin products and is said by some to be a key in the war against aging skin.

Because HA absorbs water, when there is enough of it in the skin, it is smooth, plump and has good support. It’s exactly what we all need to maintain younger looking skin. So how can we get more of this key plumping ingredient into our bodies when it is not producing enough?


Another reason to get more fruit in your diet. Blueberries, cranberries, and citrus fruits slow the rate of enzymes that actually break down hyuralonic acid. Other countries eat lots of root vegetables to help retain moisture in the skin and to promote collagen.

Hyularonic Injections

Known as Hylaform, Restylane, Perlane and Esthelis and called dermal fillers, used to add volume, eliminate crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles, chemically identical to the acid in the body, hyularonic side effects are almost non-existent. Injectables deliver HA deep into the skin replacing volume and inflating wrinkles. These injectables give immediate results and subsequent injections over time help promote new collagen. These anti aging skin treatments are not permanent and patients must have these treatments several times a year.

Hyarulonic Acid Serums

For those of us who may not be able to afford the above procedures, there are many anti aging skin products being introduced today that include hyarulonic acid as a key ingredient. These products include hyarulonic acid creams that claim to restore softness, radiance, elasticity and maximizes moisture.

Some experts believe that while the outer dermis is affected, attracting water, producing soothing, anti inflammatory benefits, others believe that products with larger molecules are unable to penetrate deep into the skin and have little anti aging benefits when used in skin care products.

From experience, I can say that purchasing a high quality all natural skin cream with hyarulonic acid as a key ingredient, will elevate the moisture in your skin, protecting it from more damage and giving it a soft, smooth texture. Look for anti aging skin products that do not have chemicals but instead use other natural ingredients that work with the skin to give you incredible results.

My favorite:

Dr. Sears Revive Rejuvenation Cream

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