89 percent of the ingredients used in personal care products
have not been evaluated for safety!”
-Environmental Working Group (EWG)

While we can’t say for sure if the nasty chemicals in our beauty products are the cause of breast cancer, we do know that there are thousands of products containing chemicals linked to cancer in mice. So what’s a girl to do? Stay far, far away. It’s so very easy now, with many natural skin care companies popping up all over the internet.

If you are new to this natural skin care stuff, and have no idea where and how to make changes in your beauty routine, this is a program worth checking out. Tera Warner, founder of Body Enlightenment, is now promoting the 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover. Love, Love.Healthy Girl 4

Get rid of your acne, redness, wrinkles etc., even stop wearing makeup to cover up your flaws by learning how to treat your skin naturally. You are guaranteed to go foundation free after this 30 day makeover. We all want glowing skin, and it isn’t going to happen by using chemical laden skin care products that clog pores, suck your skins moisture, and cause, yes cause premature aging.

See how Paula Davis changed her skin through this amazing program

The Tera Warner 30 day makeover teaches you:

  • The best nutrition for your skin cells
  • How to stop aging your skin with chemical laden beauty products, learn how to read labels, and learn which ingredients are making you sick.
  • Non toxic ways to protect your skin
  • How to handle rough skin, cellulite, and other nasty skin conditions
  • What kind of masks and face creams are acceptable for you to use daily
  • How to stop thinning hair and fix scalp problems
  • What you can put into your mouth to reverse gum disease (this saved me thousands in gum surgery)
  • How to get strong nails
  • What plants are best for luring a lover and how not to cover up your natural pheromones.
  • How to make your own body scrubs and other beauty products
  • How to improve skin tone, age spots, wrinkles, acne and collagen

Experience your 30 day beauty makeover. Hurry, next class starts soon!

photo credit:© Phil Date | Dreamstime.com