cscad_bodylotionI was watching Katie yesterday and part of her “What They Don’t Want You To Know” show included a dermatologist named Ellen Marmur who was supposed to separate fact from fiction in regards to the New York Times opinionator blog.

The piece, titled “The Cosmetic Wars,” by Times food columnist Mark Bittman re-examined a number of health concerns raised over the years by advocacy groups.

This woman claims that we should not be concerned about chemicals in our makeup. “We don’t have to worry yet.” Grrrrr. Are we going backwards or forwards? What is she saying? Did the FDA pay this woman off?

She stated that the skin is the strongest barrier of the body and we should not be concerned, however contradicted herself later saying:

“If you have rashy skin you could actually be absorbing things.” ” So if you have eczema or red rashy skin, stick to things that have fewer ingredients on the label. Use fewer products every day.”

So only women with eczema should worry about passing chemicals through their skin and effecting an unborn child? This woman is aggravating-I wanted to jump through the TV.

It has been proven that many chemicals in our skin care and makeup are known carcinogens however there is an ongoing debate whether the amount of chemicals is enough to actually cause any damage. A product with low levels of lead-safe? FDA monitoring cosmetics? That’s what she said!

Trust me, I am not one of those people who refuse to color her hair or refuse to use deodorant, however I do believe that if there are beauty care options on the market without these chemicals why would you even take a chance? We are just beginning to learn about chemicals in our food which disrupt our hormones and make us fat, chemicals in our cosmetics that cause cancer in mice, and chemicals in our environment endangering our ecosystem.

This woman claims that one dangerous chemical, phlalates, is found in only hairspray (your hair is dead) and nail polish (your nails are also dead), and found in only trace amounts. Phlalates are found in many more cosmetics than she claims. They have also been found in our urine. She continued to say:

“The fact that they are chemicals and have been found in our bodies at some point, requires better mindfulness and better studies.”

Of course!

Let’s move foreword people. It’s a fact that there are hundreds of natural cosmetic brands and products popping up everywhere. It is a fact that many other companies like Johnson & Johnson are making a commitment to remove cancer causing chemicals from there products. Read the press release here.

We should not worry yet? My ass!