flickrWe have all heard of and should be using omega 3 found in flax and fish, omega 6 found in primrose, and even omega 9 found in olives, but what in the world is omega 7? Could this be another natural skin treatment produced by mother nature?

One legend has it that back in ancient Greece, Greeks were amazed that deserted and wounded horses emerged from a jungle abundunt in a natural source of omega 7 oil known as Sea Buckthorn with shiny, radiant hair and even stronger than before. The Latin name for this source of Omega 7, Hippophae, meaning “Shiny Horse” came from this legend.

So, what are the benefits of Omega 7 or Sea buckthorn?

Omega 7’s have been used for centuries to promote skin health. Sea Buckthorn oil is used to promote the healing of skin concerns such as burns, sores, wounds, eczema and also improves conditions of mucous membranes, including ulcers, lesions, erosions.

Sea Buckthorn oil is used to combat wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of malnourished or prematurely aging skin. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbiological activity, relieves pain and promotes tissue regeneration.

The benefit of Sea Buckthorn also extends to the mucus membranes that line the stomach/GI tract, upper respiratory tract and vagina and is taken as a natural dietary supplement. These benefits combined with the external skin benefits have made it a staple of herbal remedies.

Yet another example of nature’s way of healing. Another natural skin treatment. Remind me again why we continue to use dangerous topical medicines to treat acne and rosacea?

Pure Skin Tip

Did you know that mineral oil and petrolatum found in many skin care products dry out your skin and have been shown to cause chemically induced acne?

5 comments on “What in the world is Omega 7?”

  1. Janet McDonald says:

    I use sea buckthorn oil for a range of things such as candida, aging skin & the rosacea on my cheeks. I find sea buckthorn oil is superior to all the other essential oils but I do recommend people to do their research before buying.

    I’ve tried Argan oil but i must admit sea buckthorn oil from Australia is quite good.

  2. karen motlow says:

    i just tried to order sea buckthorn from the UK and the site said undeliverable to USA!! would you direct me to your source please?

    be well,

  3. I ordered the oil off ebay and I got the capsules from Swanson Health Products. They do seem to be making my skin softer and my fingernails stronger.

  4. I absolutely LOVE sea buckthorn oil’s smell and feel when applied to the skin. It’s so different to other oils in the way it softens and improves texture.

    P.S I’ve also heard jojoba oil has omega 7 but just 2% in comparison to sea buckthorn oil’s 30-35% for Himalayan sea buckthorn!

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