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Organic Argan Oil Review-In The Press

ABQ Journal Article
Beyond beautiful
Rare argan oil sales beneficial to women in many ways
By Debra Dominguez-Lund

Anna Michelbach says her beauty regimen has become a lot richer since she became the proud owner of a bottle of “liquid gold” — argan oil.

“I’ve been using the oil for about five months, and I just love it,” says Michelbach, a 40-year-old Albuquerque insurance agent employee. “I use it on my hair and it’s really helped get rid of my split-ends, and I use it on my skin. It has anti-aging benefits and has helped reduce puffiness around my eyes.”

“I’ve tried other beauty products but (I) like that this is all-natural. I’m addicted.”

The exotic and rare organic oil is produced exclusively in southwestern Morocco and has traditionally been used as a natural beauty product by the women of the Berber tribe for centuries. Distributors say the oil is commonly used on the skin, but users of the product boast it also works wonders for hair and nails and is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E.

James Moore, owner of Albuquerque’s fairly traded goods specialty business Cultural Connections, LLC, says Albuquerqueans like Michelbach and others throughout the United States can now purchase the oil — marketed as “Eden Allure Argan Oil” — in its purest form from Amazon.

In its tradition of staying “green,” Moore says Cultural Connections only buys “Eco-Cert” or certified organic argan oil, which guarantees that the oil is produced in an ecologically beneficial way. He says the oil he sells is available in environmentally safe, recyclable packaging.

He added that Cultural Connections donates a portion of its argan oil proceeds to the Global Fund for Women, a charitable organization based in San Francisco that helps impoverished and abused women around the world.

The production of argan oil, Moore says, is controlled by women’s cooperatives in Morocco. He says that through fair trade, argan oil provides the Berber women with a dependable source of income, a means of improving their financial independence, and it opens better access to health care and education.

Unfortunately, Moore adds, the argan tree is a victim of its richness as well as urbanization.

“Its over-exploitation by European cosmetic companies has led to the near extinction of the tree that once spanned across North Africa,” he says. “In less than one century, more than half of the argan trees have disappeared. The importance of protecting the argan tree has become a key issue for local and international authorities.”

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has designated the 10,000-squaremile Argan-producing region in Morocco as a biosphere reserve. Moore says there are restrictions on how much fruit can be harvested at any given time from an argan tree.

Moore claims argan oil helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, protects skin and hair from free radicals, and gives skin and hair a healthy, glowing appearance.

The company’s owner should know. After all, he says he uses argan oil everyday.

“I use it at night for my face, and twice a day I apply it to my body,” says Moore, who added his mother has family in Morocco that have been using argan oil for decades. “It gives my skin an amazing healthy glow.”

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Organic Argan Oil Benefits Far Outweigh The Cost

Where in the world can you find a natural skin product that makes your skin glow, makes your hair shine, helps your nails grow and lasts for months for $40? Organic Argan oil benefits far outweigh its’ price tag. It continues to amaze me how many people are hesitant to order this all natural moroccan oil when they just spent double that at Walgreens for chemical laden products advertised on television that will never live up to what they claim!

My experience with organic Argan oil has been nothing short of amazing. If you use it at least twice daily, in the morning and prior to bed, you will see your skin become healthier. It will start to glow. Often times I will apply it a third time prior to an evening out. It immediately makes my skin glow and I get tons of compliments on how I look.

Depending on how you’ve taken care of your skin over the years, it may take a few weeks for your skin to respond to this all natural skin treatment. It may seem like you are constantly massaging it into your skin and may feel oily. This is not oily! Once your skin gets used to the Argan oil, it will begin to soak it up immediately, almost as though you were depriving your skin of essential nutrients all this time. More organic Argan oil benefits…….

  • Soft, radiant skin
  • Sloughs off dead skin cells
  • Reduction of visible scarring
  • Diminish wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet
  • Helps relieve dry skin and eczema and psoriasis symptoms
  • Restores shine and softness to dull lifeless hair
  • Mends split ends
  • Strengthens nail cuticles
  • Effective in relieving muscle and joint pain

Only purchase 100% Moroccan organic Argan oil. It is no more expensive than name brand products containing only a small amount of Argan oil, with several other ingredients on its list and only the pure Argan oil will give you the best results. Eden Allure Argan Oil is the only product that I can stand behind as I use it daily and know it to be truly pure.


Organic Argan Oil-Don’t Get Ripped Off

Argan oil is becoming increasingly popular in the United States therefore you will be seeing more and more companies popping up that claim to be selling 100% Organic Argan Oil or even adding the oil to their products.

Don’t get ripped off. Never go for low price. Why? Argan oil is the rarest and most useful organic oil you can find. The constant demand for Argan oil in Europe is causing this great Argan tree to become in danger of extinction. You should know that in cases like this, with such demand for the product, the price would never be low.

When comparing prices for organic Argan oil, remember to look at the size. I purchase Eden Allure Argan Oil in the 2.2 ounce bottle for $39.99 and only have to reorder about every 4 months. How long it lasts depends on what you use it for. Some people use it for skincare, nails, body and hair so in that case you may have to reorder more often.

Buy only from a reputable company and if looking at Argan oil on Amazon for example, read every ingredient closely. If other ingredients are top on the list, especially fragrances and parabens, the product is not organic Argan oil. Make sure it says 100% pure Argan oil. I have read that people are finding a huge difference in the benefits from one brand to the next and I can only say that if you are not seeing any benefits at all, you may not be purchasing the pure product. If it doesn’t say 100% pure organic Argan oil, don’t take a chance.

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Argan Oil For Hair-The Best Dry Hair Treatment

Hair stylists are recommending it. Thousands are using it. It’s the best dry hair treatment on the market. It eliminates frizzy hair. It repairs over processed hair. It gives hair shine. It transforms dry, curly hair. It gives curls more definition. It tames flyaway hair. It’s a natural hair conditioner. It’s weightless and absorbs instantly.

What is this hair treatment that gives you shiny, soft, healthy hair? Argan oil for hair. Yes, I know, I use it on my skin with amazing results, but others swear that it does the above and more for gorgeous hair.

How does Argan oil, a natural dry hair treatment restore shine and softness to dull, lifeless, damaged hair?

If you are purchasing Pure Organic Argan Oil, there are only two key ingredients vitamin E and vitamin F that contribute to repairing skin, nails and hair. The Vitamin F (Omega 6) nourishes the scalp alleviating itchiness, dryness and flaking. The moisture provided, promotes healthy hair growth, and discourages breakage and split ends.

Vitamin E is healing and nourishing to hair damaged by styling and coloring. The rich amount of anti-oxidants protect your hair against free radical damage, and other harmful environmental factors. Argan Oil instantly absorbs into the hair, creating a radiant shine with no oily residue.


If you are looking for a dry hair treatment, twice a week will do you for intense conditioning and repairing. Apply a generous amount of Argan oil to your hair before washing, running your hands thoroughly back and forth to nourish and condition. Wrap a warm towel around your head, and let it sit for thirty minutes.

If you are looking for a natural hair conditioner, use daily, applying a small amount of Argan oil to your hair after shampooing, running your hands through your hair from scalp to end.

Apply to dry hair to create softness and shine.  Use before heat styling to tame frizz and get healthy looking hair. Get rid of dry lifeless hair by using before straight irons. Argan oil is a great dry hair treatment without preservatives and chemicals. Get gorgeous, soft, shiny hair in no time.

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Another Shout Out For Organic Argan Oil

OK. I am on my last bit of organic Argan oil so I decided to cut back and only use it on nights that I must look good. You know, those nights you make an extra effort to look good to go out with friends, hubby, etc? Why, why, why did I do this?

I decided not to buy my favorite natural skin product, Eden Allure Argan oil right now because I am trying to purchase other natural skin products that I can review on this site and I only have so much money to go around. I can’t wait to try this all natural firming serum and rejuvinating mist from Mychelle, or get my four free samples from Naturopathica with my next product order, and OMG, the new line of natural skin products from Omega5 made with you guessed it, pomegranate! This all took priority over ordering my $40 bottle of organic Argan oil.

What a friggen mistake that was. Don’t do it. If you have been using Argan oil for any length of time, don’t stop using it! After only 2 weeks of using it only on those occasions to look hot, I can already see a drastic difference in my skin. I am not going to go into details here…all I will say is that my skin is looking like crap. I was obviously used to my skin looking great while using Organic  Argan Oil and had a slight set back. Never, ever again.



Elle Beauty Spotlight-Argan Oil

By Nicole Catanese
Published: May, 2008

For a young celeb, sudden stardom can lead to obsessive paparazzi attention and a stint in rehab. For natural ingredients, popularity can be just as dangerous. The success of palm oil led farmers to burn parts of the Indonesian Argan Oil Coopand Malaysian rain forests to plant palm orchards; illegal trading of caviar caused a drop in the rare egg-producing sturgeon; and the overuse of sandalwood had depleted the sweet-smelling Indian tree. Fortunately, the latest botanical phenomenon, the antioxidant argan oil, not only rivals all other free-radical fighters to date, but its high demand will actually help the environment as well.

Pressed from the nut of the argan tree’s fruit (a favorite snack of local goats), argan oil has protected the hair and skin of Morocco’s Berber women for centuries. Recent research has proven the oil is packed with skin-beneficial compounds: hydrating essential fatty acids, potent antioxidant polyphenols, and nearly three times the amount of vitamin E in olive oil. (more…)