Tera Warner Be Beauty Makeover

89 percent of the ingredients used in personal care products
have not been evaluated for safety!”
-Environmental Working Group (EWG)

While we can’t say for sure if the nasty chemicals in our beauty products are the cause of breast cancer, we do know that there are thousands of products containing chemicals linked to cancer in mice. So what’s a girl to do? Stay far, far away. It’s so very easy now, with many natural skin care companies popping up all over the internet.

If you are new to this natural skin care stuff, and have no idea where and how to make changes in your beauty routine, this is a program worth checking out. Tera Warner, founder of Body Enlightenment, is now promoting the 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover. Love, Love.Healthy Girl 4

Get rid of your acne, redness, wrinkles etc., even stop wearing makeup to cover up your flaws by learning how to treat your skin naturally. You are guaranteed to go foundation free after this 30 day makeover. We all want glowing skin, and it isn’t going to happen by using chemical laden skin care products that clog pores, suck your skins moisture, and cause, yes cause premature aging.

See how Paula Davis changed her skin through this amazing program

The Tera Warner 30 day makeover teaches you:

  • The best nutrition for your skin cells
  • How to stop aging your skin with chemical laden beauty products, learn how to read labels, and learn which ingredients are making you sick.
  • Non toxic ways to protect your skin
  • How to handle rough skin, cellulite, and other nasty skin conditions
  • What kind of masks and face creams are acceptable for you to use daily
  • How to stop thinning hair and fix scalp problems
  • What you can put into your mouth to reverse gum disease (this saved me thousands in gum surgery)
  • How to get strong nails
  • What plants are best for luring a lover and how not to cover up your natural pheromones.
  • How to make your own body scrubs and other beauty products
  • How to improve skin tone, age spots, wrinkles, acne and collagen

Experience your 30 day beauty makeover. Hurry, next class starts soon!

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What is bioeffect egf serum

The growing demand for more effective beauty products has seen a massive influx of companies offering products “proven by science”. Consumers today are more savvy and skeptical than ever before and know better than to listen to hype without the science to back it. Bioeffect EGF Serum is one skin care product backed by science. The boring details…

Sif Cosmetics, founded by Dr Bjorn Orvar, and based in Iceland develops skin products that contain natural cellular activators that are said to support the skin’s cell activation and renewal. The company says that 17 per cent of Icelandic women use its products.

The company uses EGF, which stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. The cellular activators in BIOEFFECT are produced with a plant system whereby proteins are produced in the genetically modified seeds of barley plants. All other companies that use cellular activators in their skin care products use proteins produced in genetically modified bacteria, hamster cells or yeast. By producing the EGF cellular activator in plants, it is possible to achieve an unparalleled level of activity and purity.

Bioeffect is pure skin care built on the principles of pure science and pure beauty. The company’s biotechnology methods cut out the risk of including bacterial endotoxins or human infectious agents in the active EGF ingredients and their formula is combined with only the purest essential ingredients. That means NO preservatives, fragrances or unnecessary chemicals. Just truly effective pure and clean skin care products.

What Can EGF Serum do for your skin?

This rejuvenating skin serum is made using green biotechnology to harness the power of the skin’s own renewal mechanisms so that the skin naturally heals itself.

By applying the EGF Serum onto skin, it is possible to fix and/or slow down the biological processes of aging and increase production of elastin and collagen. Here is what is what it can do for your skin:

• Adds radiance and luminosity to the skin
• Moisturizes at a deep level resulting in sumptuous, dewy skin
• Diminishes dry spots
• Improves and evens complexion

The results of this ‘miracle skin care product’ are both immediate and long term; improvements begin in only a few days and continue to build over time. The BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM is fast becoming known as one of the most pure and effective serums in the industry.

Bioeffect egf serum reviews

“In the never-ending quest for radiant skin, I tried out the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum for the first time four months ago and I have not looked back since – I am a total convert – it really has made my skin look fresher and glowier! I am now also using the DAYTIME Cream, which I think works really well with the Serum.”

“I’d heard a lot of great things about the serum but wasn’t expecting a miracle. I was so wrong! My skin has never felt or looked more radiant. Within a few days of using the Serum, my skin tone was more even and people starting commenting on my ‘healthy glow’. After a couple of weeks, the discoloration from too much exposure to the sun had all but disappeared and my skin felt plumper and younger. I have now introduced the Daytime Cream and the Body Intensive into my daily regime and am loving the results!”

“BIOEFFECT has been a great discovery for me. I have been using this product for over a year and now a real devotee. I have experienced amazing results and everyone comments on how young my skin looks. Before I started using the products I was a bit skeptical, having tried so many high end skincare lines before, but for the first time I feel like I have found a product that really does work and makes a real and noticeable difference to my skin!’

Beurre Shea Butter Cream-A Review

shea butterLoving this shea butter cream! Being a natural skin care advocate and blogger, I receive many invitations throughout the year to try new, all natural skin products. Even though I receive these products for free, I only review those that I find are truly natural and truly beneficial to our skin and our bodies.

I recently had the pleasure of trying several samples of Beurre Shea Butter Cream. In my opinion, this is by far the best body butter I have ever used. Not only did it make my skin glow but it managed to keep it hydrated for the entire day. Not many skin lotions and potions can do that especially those that are filled with chemicals.

It is 100% pure, containing over 80% unrefined shea butter and infused with grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and aromatic scents. Scents of lemongrass, vanilla, lavender and my personal favorite, white amber, will have you addicted to this product in no time.

The healing and conditioning benefits of shea butter have been known for centuries in Africa and Europe to protect and rejuvenate skin and hair. Elevate your skin to it’s original state of beauty. A natural skin treatment for any of the following skin conditions, lebeurreshop.com has it in the bag! Twenty bucks gets you a 4 oz. jar. You can’t beat it.

  • It can help heal scars, burns and stretchmarks.
  • It prevents dry skin, chapping and rashes.
  • It helps dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, sunburn, and athlete’s foot.
  • It rejuvenates pores and adds elasticity to skin.
  • It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and acne.

This is the one skin care product that can dramatically improve all of your skin problems and I personally don’t know how I got along without it. Love, love, love this!

Aveda Products-The Debate Continues

Once again, Aveda comes up as a company that continues to put chemicals in there products, this one even sounding pure. Aveda Shampure boasts the following “The Art and Science of Pure flower and Plant Essence”, yet contains many harmful ingredients including dimethicone, fragrance, 2 of the parabens, and many more.

So what’s the deal? A few years ago I wrote about Aveda makeup and hair care and their deceitful way of marketing their products here. I grew up with the impression that this was a natural line of products, however back in the 80’s I really did not give a damn about what ingredients were in my skin care.

I received so much flack from some readers that were steadfast fans of Aveda a year later including this poster “Aveda continues to improve upon their product line based on new and evolving research and has eliminated or reformulated many of their products without parabens and other chemical preservatives.” I decided to look at the company and products again and had to agree from what I was reading. You can read that post here.

So, I find it a bit surprising that now, 3 years after writing about Aveda, they are once again exposed for what they really are. Jessica Ainscough of the Wellness Warrior has a great post up 8 Beauty Brands You Would Think Are Natural….But Aren’t and Aveda is at the top of that list. Who would’ve thought?


A Unique Twist To Natural Skincare & Luxury Bath Products

Cocoa face maskI bumped into a really cool, 50’s retro style skin care website today while surfing the web for new natural skin products. Margarita Bloom Retro Skin Care & Bath is a  line of skin care products with amazing scents, and made with the best natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Milk, Rose Oil, Lavender, Himalayan Pink Sea Salts, and Dead Sea Mud.

All products are packaged in fun, retro style packaging and I must say, very unique. For example, I had never heard of a chocolate creme facial mask, and Margarita Bloom brings us just that. The Coco takes Paris Cocoa Creme Kaolin & Oats Face Masque is made with real Cocoa, Oats, Allantoina nd Kaolin Clay. Can you imagine what it smells like?

Never heard of a sugar scrub that smells like angel food cake either. Angelically Delicious Angel Food Cake Scrub is said to smell like the real thing. OMG! Made with Babassu Oil to moisturize, they say you will want to eat it right out of the jar and I believe it.

For those that love to bathe in luxury, the Nirvana Milk & Mango Luxe Bath Soak with Cocoa Butter may be just what you’re looking for. With ingredients like Passionflowers, Lemongrass, Rose Petals, Mango and Cocoa Butter bits, how can it not leave your skin soft, smooth and supple?

Margarita Bloom also offers unique hair products for healthy hair. Try The Wanderlust Sugar Beet & Algae Hair Tonic to eliminate tangles, smooth and condition hair. Made with Silk Protein, Sugar Beet, Algae, Oat Protein, Sea Salt to add volume, and Panthenol to repair damaged hair.

I am so excited to bring you all this fun, unique website that offers truly unique, quality skin care products!


Important News For Your Skin Health

Do you know what’s in your skin care products?

Interpreting the labels on most skincare products can be tricky. You need to be able to decipher the product claims as well as what’s actually inside. Some commonly used phrases on skincare products are widely misunderstood and require a closer look. Here are the five insider secrets you need to decipher a product label and learn what you’re really putting on your skin by Dr. Aaron Tabor at Healthy Directions.

Daily Glow released a report on the Daily Glow original infographic: “The Best and Worst Cities for Your Skin.” Not sure what it all means, but interesting none the less.

Freckles and sunspots appear in multitudes after a summer in the sun. Do they increase your risk for skin cancer? Get answers from Dr. Friedman at Care2.com. Read more:

Almost daily we are bombarded by deceptive marketing strategies trying to convince us that beauty is only one purchase away. In fact these companies are trying to create you as a customer for life with artificial and expensive beauty products. There are a few key concepts from ‘Eating For Beauty’ that David considers to be the most important to getting that beautiful glowing skin from the inside out. Read Top 8 Beauty Foods with David Wolfe.

92% of Americans want the FDA to label genetically engineered foods. Watch the new video from Food, Inc. Filmmaker Robert Kenner to hear why we have the right to know what’s in our food. Become part of this growing movement and join them today. Sign this petition to the FDA and make sure your voice is heard! Don’t know what genetically engineered food is? Click Here to learn more.

And finally, just for fun, check out Toxic Beauty’s post detailing the top 5 celebs leading the green beauty movement. When it comes to green beauty products, are celebs today promoting their use just because it’s the “hip” thing to do or do they truly believe in the safety of the products? Do they really care?

Best anti aging treatment on the planet

Kozzi-apples-being-weighed-588 X 883What is the best anti-aging treatment on the planet? Food. Of course. How can we not know this now after watching episodes of the Biggest Loser. Yes, these people lose weight, stop taking their meds, and that’s important. In addition, has anyone really noticed how their skin looks? How beautiful they have become on the outside? These people have amazing skin! They have a radiant glow!

I just finished reading the book “Dr. Denese’s Secrets For Ageless Skin” by Adrienne Denese, M.D, another physician who believes that the health of your skin begins on the inside. There are many, many books on the market about reducing wrinkles and even preventing them, and almost every one of them is sending the same message. Diet plays a huge role in maintaining younger looking skin. It is the best natural anti aging treatment in existence. How could so many professionals be wrong?

I for one, agree with the diet role, as I am just shy of 50 and told the other day while I was in line for the bathroom at Riverfest, that I look like I am in my 30’s! I wear no makeup, even though if I did, I would only wear natural mineral makeup, I see a personal trainer, and I eat a healthy diet. When I look back at pics from my thirties, I look older than I do now! Shocking but many of my readers would probably say the same about themselves 10 or even 20 years later. When you change your diet, exercise and remain diligent about what you put on your skin, you will see dramatic results.

The fact is most traditional skin care products give you traditional results which are well, traditionally minimal. While advances in topical skin care can now help to reverse and prevent aging skin, accepting that there are far more steps involved in addition to slapping on the anti aging cream, is the only way to truly change your look. (more…)