Looking For Sunscreen Reviews-Read This Report First

With summer fast approaching, many of you are looking for sunscreen reviews to protect your family’s skin. And as timing would have it, May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger, more and more people are getting outdoors, and teens are hitting the tanning booth hard. It is the perfect time to learn how to protect your babies and prevent skin damage both in terms of skin cancer and skin aging.

There is only one report that tells it all; the good, the bad and the ugly but before I let you in on it, here are some sun protection tips:

Choose the right sunscreen

While most people know to use sunscreen today to prevent sunburn, many have no idea that choosing the wrong sunscreen could be doing more harm to their skin. Most sunscreen manufacturers use artificial, carcinogenic ingredients that may actually increase your danger to the suns rays. (more…)

Is Natox The New Natural Alternative To Botox?

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Sue Moxley named as face of richibrown Organic NATOX
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Sue Moxley has been announced as the face and contact for South African anti-ageing product richibrown Organic NATOX, which has just become available in the UK. Instead of using a chemically induced reaction, the new product uses electro-magnetic fields and high energy discharges to create resonating molecular crystals. These microscopic crystals give off a specific frequency that disrupts the synapse between the nerve ending and the muscle, resulting in a relaxation of facial lines. This chemical free alternative to botox is priced £89 for a bottle that last approximately four months and is available nationwide. Sue Moxley, who claims to have stopped using botox since using the richibrown Organic NATOX, comments: “I have tried many products over the years without any great changes to the skin this one really does make a difference.”

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Could this be the best anti aging cream? If what the company claims is true, we no longer have to pay $300 every few months for botox. This could be huge! I don’t know who Sue Moxley is nor do I understand the science but I certainly understand the Natox claims…

• 100% natural; organic ingredients
• Clinically proven
• 60 day money -back guarantee
• Lines become visibly reduced
• Skin becomes softer and smoother
• Skin Hydration is improved
• Skin appears firmer and more plump
• Complexion appears luminous; radiant
• You gain younger looking skin
• Helps improve minor skin disorders, spots, acne and pimples etc
• Improved elasticity of skin
• Reduction in pore size/skin pitting
• Increased skin clarity, black heads disappear
• Increased collagen production
• Helps maintain Botox Treatment

Learn more about Natox here.

My Favorite Honey Face Mask

I love, love, love to use face masks! My favorite ingredient is honey for many reasons but most importantly, it’s well known that honey is beneficial to skin. Throughout the ages, honey was the best antibacterial choice for treating wounds.

Honey is found in many age-old recipes for beautiful, healthy skin. It is known to nourish and promote tissue re-growth, aid in the treatment of various skin disorders such as eczema, and minimizes scarring.

While all honey has health benefits, Manuka Honey benefits are enhanced because of its higher antibacterial potency. While you can make a honey face mask at home, there are many natural skin products coming to market containing Manuka Honey today as the demand for natural skin products continues to grow. Personally I don’t have the patience to make dinner recipes let alone skin care recipes.

Here is my favorite natural honey mask:

Manuka Marine Mask by ManukaSea Magic

The word “magic” turned me off a bit until I did research on the company, the ingredients and the results. For many people with skin conditions such as eczema, acne or psoriasis, the ManukaSea Magic natural skin products are truly magic.

The 3 step skin care regimen together will give you healthy, glowing skin, and their honey face mask contains volcanic ash clay with a rich mineral contact which draws out toxins. The nutrients of this volcanic ash clay containing active Manuka Honey and seaweed, and enhanced with vitamin E, will eliminate your tired, dull looking skin.

  • Removes dirt, sebum and unclogs pores
  • Lifts and firms skin
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Firms wrinkles
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Helps prevent acne
  • Calms inflamed skin

The company provides detailed information on each and every natural anti aging ingredient as well as clinical data and great videos on how to use the products. Committed to providing high quality natural skin care, and exceptional customer service, ManukaSea Magic products are guaranteed to work or your money back.

Click Here for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin in no time!

photo credit: Kathryn Harper

Resources: How to Effectively Use Honey as Medicine
What Doctors Don’t Tell You


10 Of My Favorite Natural Beauty Blogs

Regardless of the thousands of beauty blogs that review cheap, drugstore skin care and makeup, there are great natural beauty blogs out there (besides this one of course), bringing to the public’s attention score’s of companies that are concerned with providing you, the consumer, natural beauty products that do great good for the world in general.

These blogs and the companies they represent don’t believe in dangerous chemicals that can damage the body and damage the planet. They don’t use sweat shop labor and don’t test on animals.

They do many different things to ensure that they are protecting the environment along with bringing you the most effective, natural skin care ingredients found in nature. Here are my favorites: (more…)

My Favorite Essential Oil Uses

So, last week, I literally could not breathe. I am one of those people that can’t function without breathing through my nose. If you don’t know what I mean, I go crazy if I am forced to breath with my mouth open. You might as well strap me down. I just can’t do it!

When I went snorkeling for the first time, the guide got frustrated with me because it was not possible for me to breathe through my mouth into that silly tube. He said to me and I quote “I can tell you’re a nose breather.”

We have a name! He was probably laughing his ass off at the end of the day with his coworkers……”I had this nose breather today and she….”

Anyhow, I got a little off track here….I went into my bathroom closet and found an old bottle of Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Out of all the essential oil uses, using them to clear a stuffy nose, headache, and calming a cold are for me are most important.

I rubbed 2 drops under my nose and within 10 minutes my sinuses were clear and that night I slept like a baby. A few nights later, my husband could not breathe and I pulled out my secret weapon for a stuffed up nose and he refused to try it!

Nope, nada, no way….”I’m taking Nyquil. “

How does someone get so brainwashed that he must take “so you can rest” medicine when something as simple and natural as Eucalyptus oil works much better?

Moral of this story…..essential oils work!

Popular Essential Oil Uses

Organic Basil Essential Oil

Basil promotes endurance and stamina, clears the mind and relieves intellectual fatigue. Are you a student, writer or office worker sitting behind a computer for hours finding yourself nodding off? Basil will refresh and awaken your senses and your mind.

Organic Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil is a traditional favorite for calming, balancing and promoting deep relaxation. Add stress-relieving Chamomile to massage oils, therapeutic baths, compresses and mood perfumes. It is calming and soothing on inflamed or irritated skin.

Organic Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel essential oil is Mother Nature’s body cleanser. It is used to treat fluid retention and cellulite and very useful for lymphatic drainage massage. Use Fennel essential oil in a gentle abdominal massage to alleviate digestive issues and flatulence.

Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Rose Geranium is another favorite and one of the most sought-after essential oils available. With its rich floral bouquet, Rose Geranium radiates an uplifting rosy-mint fragrance. This essential oil is balances hormones, harmonizes mood swings, alleviates anxiety and has a normalizing effect on the sebaceous glands, which helps balance oily, dry or combination skin types.

Oregon Lavender Essential Oil

This is another one of my favorite essential oil uses to help me sleep. Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular, versatile and widely used essential oil. Lavender essential oil is said to soothe inflammation, relieve symptoms of headache, tension and insomnia, neutralize insect bites and can be an effective pain reliever and healer for bites and minor burns.

Organic Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil carries a warm, sensuously radiant aroma, and conveys a light-hearted happiness and promotes optimism. Comforting in a bath during winter time, this essential oil is especially liked by children because of its sweet, familiar fragrance. It is stimulating on the lymphatic system and can help calm nervous digestive problems.

Opting for pure essentials oils instead of synthetic fragrances creates a healthier atmosphere for our families and giving ourselves the opportunity to benefit from therapeutic properties available from nature.

Buy essential oils here. Hand-made from organically grown herbs on an organic farm in Oregon, Alchemilla’s skincare and bath products, ranging from skin toners, masks and exfoliators to massage oil, lotions and essential oils, couldn’t be fresher and therapeutic.

Essential oil safety:

Essential oils are very concentrated and too strong to be applied to the skin in an undiluted form. Always be sure to research the contraindications of any aromatherapy oil you are considering. Use with extreme caution especially when pregnant and consult your physician if you have a health condition.

Some essential oils can be toxic if ingested, and some can cause irritation in their neat, undiluted form. Always keep essential oils out of the reach of children.

Do not use on the skin unless diluted with an organic carrier oil.

Essential Oil Dilution Guidelines

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Natural Beauty Products That Caught My Eye This Month

Did I mention that I am addicted to natural beauty products? I love finding them and sharing them with you. Here are a few that caught my interest this month.

I travel. A lot. And nothing is more annoying than having to throw out that expensive tube of moisturizer because you forgot to clean out your purse before heading through security.

AHAVA now has a cute travel tote with 3 of their best selling products in TSA approved travel sizes perfect for carryon. For $30 you get AHAVA’s Mineral Body Lotion, All in One Toning Cleanser (no need for both), and Essential Day Moisturizer.

AHAVA’s natural skin products are made with the best skin-friendly ingredients from the Dead Sea along with wonderful botanical ingredients to maintain healthy skin.

Simply Karen, my favorite place to get all natural mineral makeup, now offers mineral foundation in a convenient pump brush, a breeze to apply when you are on the go. It combines a loose mineral foundation and easy to use brush and makeup in one and has an SPF of 15.

Simply Karen natural mineral foundation provides great coverage while looking so natural and stays on all day. Your skin will look fresh and clean with a natural glow.

I absolutely love body oil. It is one of the best natural body products you must have. Along with being a great moisturizer, body oil makes your skin glow and Marie Veronique Organics Anti Aging Body Oil does all that and more. Made with apricot kernel, jojoba, avocado, and watermelon seed oils, along with squalene, leaving skin smooth and supple, this natural body oil also calms and balances with an aroma from luxurious rose and neroli essential oils. Pure heaven.

If you have ever worn nail polish for a very long time, you know how nasty your nails can get, especially that nasty yellow color. Even without polish nails can look dull and dirty. Now you can have bright, clean, white nail tips with the Talika Instant Manicure, a powder you dissolve in warm water.

In addition to the oxygenation power Lemon & Ivy extract, horsetail extract, and vitamin C, have rich cleansing and nutritional values of plant extracts. Your nails will be scented, protected and tips will become whiter after each use. How come I never heard of this before?


3 Secrets For Reducing Under Eye Wrinkles

It is often said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul” and “beautiful eyes make a beautiful woman.” Your eyes are the first thing people notice and healthy, dazzling eyes capture attention. In order to have beautiful eyes, it is equally important to take care of the skin around them by minimizing under eye wrinkles.

The skin around our eyes is extremely thin and fragile. It lacks oil glands that provide natural moisture and this is why it is the first place on the face to show significant signs of aging….you know, crows feet, dark circles, fine lines, dull, sagging skin. The good news is, with proper care, you will recapture that youthful dazzle!

3 Secrets For Reducing Under Eye Wrinkles

Secret #1. Check your label. To reduce under eye wrinkles, your eye cream has to be gentle, hydrating and nourishing. Using a high-quality, organic/natural eye creme is absolutely essential to having dazzling eyes. Many eye creams use petrochemicals (mineral oil), parabens (preservatives), co-polymers, etc. Avoid these ingredients. They are used because they are cheap, not because they are good for your skin.

Secret #2. Apply eye cream with great care. When applying eye cream, use a small amount on the tip of your ring finger and gently dab along the lower eye area working outward. Then use light gentle swipes to spread evenly. Never massage or pull the skin as it is very fragile. You do not want to tear the underlying skin. Be gentle and take your time.

Secret #3. Lighten and Even. If you have dark circles under your eyes then you should use an eye cream that has lightening ingredients that penetrate the skin surface and help to diminish the appearance of dark shadows from under your eyes and even your skin tone.

Bonus Tip. Light Diffusion. Magicians use slight of hand and misdirection to amaze their audience. Amaze your audience with “NoLines Illusion” light diffusion.

NoLines Organic Eye Serum is specially formulated with light diffusing  “NoLines  Illusion” organic blend  that deflects light away from the eye wrinkles, making the wrinkles ” disappear” while working to repair, restore and revitalize your skin naturally.Works like magic! It’s loaded with organic antioxidants, vitamins, organic herbs, natural peptides   More>>> 

Want to watch eye wrinkles disappear?
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