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Looking For Sunscreen Reviews-Read This Report First

With summer fast approaching, many of you are looking for sunscreen reviews to protect your family’s skin. And as timing would have it, May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger, more and more people are getting outdoors, and teens are hitting the tanning booth hard. It is the perfect time to learn how to protect your babies and prevent skin damage both in terms of skin cancer and skin aging.

There is only one report that tells it all; the good, the bad and the ugly but before I let you in on it, here are some sun protection tips:

Choose the right sunscreen

While most people know to use sunscreen today to prevent sunburn, many have no idea that choosing the wrong sunscreen could be doing more harm to their skin. Most sunscreen manufacturers use artificial, carcinogenic ingredients that may actually increase your danger to the suns rays. (more…)

Prevent Sunburn With A Pill?

As many of you know, I am a firm believer and strong advocate of Dr. Al Sears and his ground breaking products. It surprises me that most people have never heard of him. From natural skin care to natural weight loss, his followers swear by the results they get from using his products and the most unusual “Radiance” is no exception.

I say unusual because it is very rare to find a sunscreen protection product in supplement form, or one that is said to prevent sunburn anyway. No reapplying sunscreen all over your body every time you sweat. You don’t even have to use sunscreen at all! Get 8 times the protection from the sun! That’s what he says. That’s what thousands of people who have tried this product are saying. And there is proof.

A new breakthrough makes it possible for you to protect your skin from the sun’s rays without covering yourself in a greasy layer of toxic sunscreen. If you have fair skin or burn easily, this is great news… but there’s more to the story.

This powerful ingredient – available for the first time in convenient capsule form, prevents long-term damage to your skin. That means you won’t be saddled with dry, weathered skin as you age. Many of us know first hand what the sun has done to our skin and it will only get worse unless you take action.

Radiance activates the body’s most powerful antioxidant, neutralizing dangerous UV rays before they have the chance to turn your skin into a weathered, leathered mess. Radiance is your best ever opportunity to keep youthful skin as you age.

Nowadays, we are well aware of the dangerous ingredients in most sunscreen products and how important it is to stick with an all natural sunscreen for long term skin health but wait, prevent sunburn with a pill? That’s just too easy!

Read more on how to prevent sunburn and even prevent aging due to sun exposure with Dr. Sears built in sunscreen.

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All Natural Sunscreen Protection Is The Only Way To Save Your Skin

We purchase sunscreen for one reason and one reason only. To protect our skin from the harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and potentially skin cancer. But what if your sunscreen is not protecting you at all, but actually damaging your skin over the long haul? Let’s review what we have learned over the last few years about UV sun protection.

It’s in…EWG’s 2010 Sunsreen Report just in time for summer!
Since the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released the results of a major study on sunscreen back in 2009, thousands are left wondering where to turn for trusted natural sunscreen protection. According to this study, out of 1,767 brand name sunscreens on the market during the summer of 2009, EWG found that 2 out of 5 offered inadequate protection from the sun or contained ingredients and chemicals with huge safety concerns.

Most of us purchase high SPF sunscreens for a trip to the beach, a sun filled vacation, or even a day by the pool to protect our skin and especially our children and babies skin from the dangers of the sun. While SPF sunscreen products may block UVB rays protecting you from that nasty sunburn and some skin cancers, the FDA does not require companies to block UVA rays in their products. So, what’s so bad about the UVA rays we have been soaking up our entire lives?

According to EWG, UVA rays penetrate your skin more deeply than UVB rays and are linked to skin aging. You know….skin sagging, wrinkles, and age spots to name a few. The verdict is still out about the link to skin cancer however with more and more people using sunscreen than ever before, shouldn’t skin cancer rates be declining?

In addition to NO UVA protection, many sunscreens contain dangerous ingredients. The biggest culprit, oxybenzone, approved by the FDA is an active ingredient in sunscreen and a known hormone disruptor. So now we are slathering our bodies with dangerous chemicals to protect our skin. Another reason to switch to a natural sunscreen.

If you are someone who always thought you were protecting your skin by using an all day moisturizer that advertises SPF protection, think again. Even if you find one that provides decent protection from UVA rays (it must say so on the package), applying it once in the morning is not going to give you all day protection. Just as sunscreens state that you must reapply often, the same goes for your moisturizer.

As more and more of the public is being educated about proper sunscreen protection, companies are responding however, the UVA protection is still just not good enough. A new 2010 report is just around the corner and we can only hope that more companies have improved their sunscreens over the last year. After all, if sales decline because the public is switching to natural sunscreen products and even those with better UVA protection, companies will really start to take action.

It’s in….the new EWG 2013 Sunscreen Report. (new and updated for 2013!)

So how do you find the best sunscreen for your family?

  1. Read the EWG Sunscreen Report and download a free sunscreen guide.
  2. Look for a sunscreen with at least SPF 30.
  3. The best sunscreen will have at least 7% zinc oxide.
  4. Sunscreens with avobenzone, mexoryl, titanium dioxide, and zinc are best for UVA coverage.
  5. Make the switch to an all natural sunscreen without harmful chemicals.

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Best All Natural Sunscreen

With summer fast approaching, it is time to remind everyone that most skin aging including wrinkles and brown spots come from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. Your skin is never protected from these rays unless indoors and even then there has been a rise in skin cancer from the dangerous rays obtained through office windows.

If you are intent on slowing your skin’s aging process, you must wear sunscreen every day even under your makeup to prevent sun damage.

So, how do you know which sunscreens are best?

The best way to protect your skin from sun damage is to buy an all natural sunscreen (you knew I was going there) with UVA protection along with UVB protection and a SPF of 30. In an article published by Environmental Working Group (EWG) last year, it is stated that out of 1,572 sunscreens and other sun-blocking products currently on the market 3 of 5 sunscreens either don’t protect skin from sun damage or contain hazardous chemicals or both. Chemical free sunscreen with UVA protection is the only way to go. High SPF rated chemical sunscreens will prevent burning, but often do little to provide UVA protection and will not state anything about it.

One of the highest rated chemical free sunscreens according to EWG’s 2009 sunscreen report and reported among the safest sunscreen products on the market in a Skin Deep report, Keys Solar Rx natural sunscreen does not only protect your skin from dangerous UVA rays.

Keys Solar Rx #1 Moisturizing natural sunscreen carries a UVB (UV Burning) rating of SPF 30+ and a UVA (UV Aging) of four stars using the EU rating system. Made with pure uncoated zinc oxide in a natural lotion base with avocado oil, Solar Rx may help fade brown spots and with continued use prevent them.

It contains 18.5% uncoated zinc oxide which is known to help reduce redness from rosacea. It provides UVA and UVB blocking to protect against UV triggered Melanoma and skin cancer.

Use Keys Solar Rx as an everyday moisturizing sunscreen for your face, hands and neck. It is lightweight, non-greasy and believe it or not, smells wonderful. In addition to providing UVA and UVB protection, this natural sunscreen will not clog pores, and helps with skin irritations. Need I say more?

This product is not intended to use while sunbathing, outdoor sports or swimming or extreme hot weather. It is not waterproof. For direct sun exposure, reapply every 2 hours. Read instructions and details thoroughly before purchasing.

Brand Name Sunscreens that Don’t Protect Your Skin?

* CONTACT: EWG Public Affairs, (202) 667-6982is your sunscreen safe

WASHINGTON – In an affirmation of Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) three-year campaign for more effective sunscreens, 70 percent of sunscreens offered for the 2009 beach season contain strong UVA filters, compared to just 29 percent last year. Top brands reformulated to better protect against UVA radiation include Solbar, Zia Natural Skincare, Nivea, L’Oreal, and Hawaiian Tropic. This is a move in the right direction, but each of these products still rates relatively low compared to the top-ranked brands.

Another plus in 2009: 19 percent fewer sunscreens contains oxybenzone, an active ingredient that disrupts the hormone system.

But a new EWG investigation of 1,572 sunscreens and other sun-blocking products currently on the market found that 3 of 5 sunscreens either don’t protect skin from sun damage or contain hazardous chemicals — or both. (more…)