As many of you know, I am a firm believer and strong advocate of Dr. Al Sears and his ground breaking products. It surprises me that most people have never heard of him. From natural skin care to natural weight loss, his followers swear by the results they get from using his products and the most unusual “Radiance” is no exception.

I say unusual because it is very rare to find a sunscreen protection product in supplement form, or one that is said to prevent sunburn anyway. No reapplying sunscreen all over your body every time you sweat. You don’t even have to use sunscreen at all! Get 8 times the protection from the sun! That’s what he says. That’s what thousands of people who have tried this product are saying. And there is proof.

A new breakthrough makes it possible for you to protect your skin from the sun’s rays without covering yourself in a greasy layer of toxic sunscreen. If you have fair skin or burn easily, this is great news… but there’s more to the story.

This powerful ingredient – available for the first time in convenient capsule form, prevents long-term damage to your skin. That means you won’t be saddled with dry, weathered skin as you age. Many of us know first hand what the sun has done to our skin and it will only get worse unless you take action.

Radiance activates the body’s most powerful antioxidant, neutralizing dangerous UV rays before they have the chance to turn your skin into a weathered, leathered mess. Radiance is your best ever opportunity to keep youthful skin as you age.

Nowadays, we are well aware of the dangerous ingredients in most sunscreen products and how important it is to stick with an all natural sunscreen for long term skin health but wait, prevent sunburn with a pill? That’s just too easy!

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photo © Dušan Zidar |