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Dead Sea Salts-Another Natural Skin Product Brought to You By Mother Nature

Are you still wondering if Dead Sea Salt products are truly effective at maintaining healthy younger looking skin? The Dead Sea attracts millions of visitors seeking the miraculous skin rejuvenating benefits found exclusively in its waters.

Due to the popularity of the sea’s therapeutic and healing properties, more and more companies are showing interest in the manufacturing and supplying of Dead Sea salts for body and skin care products and consumer interest is increasing for Dead Sea salt products as the popularity of natural skin products continues to grow.

Dead Sea Premium Dead Sea Salt products bring you products directly from Israel, using original Dead Sea minerals, water and mud. Give it a try for major improvements in skin clarity, firmness and health.

The Famous Dead Sea Mud

dead sea mudKnown as Dead Sea black mud, this Dead Sea mud is a mixture of Dead Sea salts and minerals rich in magnesium, natural tar and silicates, the organic elements from the shore all blended with the earth. It is the silicates that are useful for cleansing and softening the skin resulting in a natural glow. Dead Sea mud is known to improve and stimulate blood circulation.

The miracle rejuvenating magic of the Dead Sea has been known to man for thousands of years. The Dead Sea minerals are natural, pure, non-chemical, and non-pharmaceutical. The salts of the Dead Sea water have a thereputic high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium. These pamper the skin, ease rheumatic aches and pains, and stimulate the circulatory system, while relaxing the nerves. The writings of historians and doctors, dating as far back as the 1st century AD, speak openly of its near mystical, curative qualities. (more…)

How dangerous are your personal care products?

beauty-product-dangers1My two cents about the following article…I love Dr. Mercola and have been a follower for many years. I have followed much of his advice through the years and now live a healthier lifestyle. There are many anti-mercola groups out there claiming that he is far too extreme and in some cases, I have to agree. However, he makes valid points in all of his writings and he brings important facts to light that never would have surfaced if not for his research. Thousands of personal care products that we use daily, contain cancer causing ingredients-this is certainly something we should worry about.

I also swear by the “skin deep”, cosmetic safety website. I now search for low hazard beauty care products prior to buying them. You can search for anything from toothpaste to baby products and get a hazard score. FYI-Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub has the highest hazard score of hundreds of acne products.

Here is Dr. Mercola’s article: How dangerous are your cosmetics?

Most personal care and beauty product consumers would be slightly unnerved to find that the government doesn’t require any mandatory testing for these products before they hit store shelves. As a matter of fact, a government agency found out that cosmetic manufacturers could use just about any raw materials in their products and then put them on the market without needing approval by the FDA.

The lack of government involvement has led to companies who manufacture these types of products to not adhere to any testing standards and market products that are considered to cause potentially damaging health risks.

A six-month computer investigation evaluated the safety of over 10,000 personal care product ingredients and included 2,300 people. The investigation revealed the following information on personal care use:

  • Each day, the average adult uses nine personal care products that contain 126 different chemical ingredients
  • Over a quarter of a million women and one out of every 100 men use on the average of 15 products a day

Findings From the Personal Care Safety Assessment

  • Only 28 of the 7,500 products in the study were completely tested by the cosmetic industry’s self-regulating panel
  • An astounding one-third of all the products assessed contained at least one ingredient that fell under the classification of human carcinogen
  • 71 percent of the hair dye products evaluated had carcinogenic coal tar as part of their ingredients
  • Almost 70 percent of the products reviewed were found to have ingredients that could be tainted with impurities related to cancer and other health complications
  • 54 percent of the products violated the safety recommendations proposed by the self-regulating Cosmetic Ingredient Review Board. Some examples of the unsafe ingredients in these products were discovered in diaper cream, products on the market for damaged skin such as chapped skin and other ingredients found in spray products
  • Over the course of keeping watch over the cosmetic industry, the FDA has banned a mere nine personal care products

Based on these findings, researchers agreed that the lack of monitoring by the FDA has led to a huge leniency toward the testing of cosmetic ingredients and has resulted in a large portion of products available on the market that pose health risks to the consumers.

Recommendations to Cosmetic Manufacturers by the Environmental Working Group

  • Take out all possible cancer carcinogens and other developmental toxins from products
  • Ensure that ingredients are certified and free of impurities with known possible human carcinogens or developmental toxins
  • Eliminate any ingredients that qualify as harmful or unsafe

Environmental Working Group June 2004

Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a nonprofit public-interest research group known for making connections between chemical exposure and adverse health conditions.

The Washington-based organization has made it easy to calculate your risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances through the personal care products you use.

In its new “Skin Deep” study EWG uses a complex formula to assign a health-risk rating to each of 7,500 personal care products. The rating system offers a means of quantifying the answer to a controversial question: Just what are we doing to ourselves when we slather stuff on our bodies?

Please don’t shrug this issue off.

It is important to recognize that whatever you spread on your skin has a very real chance of being absorbed into your blood stream and causing some serious damage in your body.

Finding your cosmetics risk rating is easy. Just go to the “Skin Deep” report and type in the brand name of your deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and whatever else you use.

The site will tell you how many ingredients the products collectively contain. The calculator will rate the aggregate health threat those ingredients may pose to you.

Each product is ranked according to its ingredients’ potential to:

  • Cause cancer
  • Trigger allergic reactions
  • Interfere with the endocrine (hormonal) system
  • Impair reproduction or damage a developing fetus
  • Any harmful impurities in the product are also considered. Containing unstudied ingredients or a “penetration enhancer” that helps chemicals get absorbed through the skin also enter into the equation, as does any violation of industry safety recommendations surrounding its use.

Try Dead Sea Soap For Many Skin Issues

Who among us has not had problems with our skin? Skin problems are one of the most common reasons people visit doctors, and Americans spend more on their skin than they do on almost any other part of their life.

As teens, almost 90% of us will get acne. As we get older, we may get eczema, psoriasis, and we all will get wrinkles one day, no matter how well we take care of our skin. Years of hard living, sun damage, and poor nutrition leaves most of us with skin issues that normal cosmetic treatments will not care of. That is one reason that more and more people are turning to Dead Sea Soap and other Dead Sea products to find relief.

Products from the Dead Sea are more than just a fad. They have been around for centuries and have been used, successfully, by people from all over the world.

Dead Sea Cream That Really Is From the Dead Sea!

Of all the problems that go along with getting older, perhaps the one that is the most offensive to us all is the aging of our skin. Because of years of bad nutrition, excessive sun damage, and toxic air, we are all aging at a much faster pace than generations before us. We are also living longer, and in some cases, our bodies are outliving our skin. People for centuries have been going to the Dead Sea to revitalize their lives, their skin, and their muscles, so why don’t we? Even if we can’t get to the Dead Sea, we can still use dead sea anti wrinkle cream, lotions, masks, and salts that will help us bring some of our youthful spirit back.

Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream is a thick, moisturizing cream used for many purposes. When a cream claims the name “Dead Sea”, it means that it either contains water and minerals from the Dead Sea itself, or uses plants that are grown in that environment. The water, which is incredibly high in minerals, is added to natural plant products to create a cream used to treat a multitude of ills and prevent the signs of aging.

Here’s one to try: Swisa Sensation Dead Sea Face Firming Moisturizer.

Great Benefits an After-Shave Moisturizing Cream With Dead Sea Minerals Can Offer

Call me crazy but I can’t stop looking for information on Dead Sea products.  Then again, you know how hung up I am on this stuff and here is some info on the Dead Sea cream, not for women only.

Check out this article on the benefits of Dead Sea cream…a better after shave cream.

Most shaving creams benefit your skin with a good smelling and moisturized skin. Dead Sea Mineral After-Shave Moisturizing Cream is an excellent moisturizer due to the Dead Sea minerals that are included in its composition.

These minerals can help sanitize your skin and provide germ protection. They also help in providing appropriate skin hydration which maintains the skin’s moisture level. Dead Sea mineral skin care products in general and after shave particularly has a benefit because of its therapeutic properties, unlike those chemical-laden skin care products, which may contain dyes, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances, causing dryness and irritation. Such is the case of most shaving crèmes.

Some of these Dead Sea minerals that can provide great benefits to skin and body are potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, bromide, chlorine, and sulfates. Magnesium which is 15 times higher in concentration in the Dead Sea can help in skin cell metabolism and also acts as an anti-allergen. Potassium helps in maintaining water balance to assist cell metabolism. Sulfur is necessary for bile secretion from the liver and for changing toxins into non-toxins. Bromine is a natural antibiotic and can help repair the body naturally. All these elements of this Dead Sea Mineral after shave combine many other benefits besides moisturizing.

Through these minerals, this after shave can prevent infections that may ensue after shaving and helps restore the smooth skin texture. It also hastens healing and helps in deeply cleansing your skin, without unclogging the pores, and allowing your skin to breathe. The same minerals are also used to form a hydrating complex that ensures moisture level stability.

An article by Den Seano.

I hope this info is of use to you. If it isn’t, you could always check out the info here on this Dead Sea After Shave.

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