Hyarulonic acid, naturally found in the body, the substance that lives in the connective tissue and deep layers of skin keep skin smooth, plump and moist.

Unfortunately HA levels drop as we age making our skin look dry, thin, laden with wrinkles and droopy. So it’s no surprise that advancements in cosmetic dermatology allow for hyaluronic acid serums, hyaluronic creams, supplements and even injections.

This all natural ingredient is being added to many of the best anti aging skin products and is said by some to be a key in the war against aging skin.

Because HA absorbs water, when there is enough of it in the skin, it is smooth, plump and has good support. It’s exactly what we all need to maintain younger looking skin. So how can we get more of this key plumping ingredient into our bodies when it is not producing enough?


Another reason to get more fruit in your diet. Blueberries, cranberries, and citrus fruits slow the rate of enzymes that actually break down hyuralonic acid. Other countries eat lots of root vegetables to help retain moisture in the skin and to promote collagen.

Hyularonic Injections

Known as Hylaform, Restylane, Perlane and Esthelis and called dermal fillers, used to add volume, eliminate crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles, chemically identical to the acid in the body, hyularonic side effects are almost non-existent. Injectables deliver HA deep into the skin replacing volume and inflating wrinkles. These injectables give immediate results and subsequent injections over time help promote new collagen. These anti aging skin treatments are not permanent and patients must have these treatments several times a year.

Hyarulonic Acid Serums

For those of us who may not be able to afford the above procedures, there are many anti aging skin products being introduced today that include hyarulonic acid as a key ingredient. These products include hyarulonic acid creams that claim to restore softness, radiance, elasticity and maximizes moisture.

Some experts believe that while the outer dermis is affected, attracting water, producing soothing, anti inflammatory benefits, others believe that products with larger molecules are unable to penetrate deep into the skin and have little anti aging benefits when used in skin care products.

From experience, I can say that purchasing a high quality all natural skin cream with hyarulonic acid as a key ingredient, will elevate the moisture in your skin, protecting it from more damage and giving it a soft, smooth texture. Look for anti aging skin products that do not have chemicals but instead use other natural ingredients that work with the skin to give you incredible results.

My favorite:

Dr. Sears Revive Rejuvenation Cream

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