Did you all get your free sample of  Hydroxatone in the mail? While I would have liked a sample of the Hydroxatone Skin Cream, the miracle wrinkle cream advertised on the radio, the sample I got was for the Hydroxatone InstantEffect 90 Second Anti-Wrinkle Results serum. Is Hydroxatone a scam?

Here is what it says: “Look & Feel Younger in 90 Seconds.” Apply in crisscross motion on clean skin. Gently smooth out with finger until targeted area is filled in.”

I was shocked to see the few deep wrinkles I have disappear before my eyes, but not for long……It should have said” Look & Feel Younger for 90 Seconds!” It sucks. It only works until your face moves. I even tried it a second time to make sure I wasn’t seeing wrinkles that weren’t there. They were.

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  1. Jacqui,

    Unfortunately, most of the products advertised as free trials or discounted trials, including the ads we hear on the radio every day, are going to ask for your credit card to charge you for future shipments. The fine print does state something like ” try it for $1.99 and if you don’t cancel, you will receive future monthly shipments charged to your credit card.”

    Most often, you can’t find a number to call, you found the number but it is past the trial, or they don’t answer the calls! It’s a seedy business, one that hundreds of companies are using. You did the right thing by cancelling your credit card however, I am not sure how to get your money back. Report it to the BBB as soon as possible and maybe they can give you some assistance. Good luck.

  2. Dear Sirs,
    I wish to inform that a few weeks ago I saw advert of Hidroface, 2 items for 45.00 euros, and guaranteed that if I didn’t get results I could ask my money back !!! I tried to contact them, but the address is the despatch department, don’t answer the telephone !! I am consious that the are thieves.
    How can you help me ?
    I’m from Portugal – europe.
    Kind regards,
    fatima andrade

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